Men’s Fashion: Choose Shirts to Flatter Your Skin Tone

When you are shopping for new clothes, you have many options for putting together a flattering wardrobe. Men can choose shirts that have both dapper styling and are low maintenance, such as Brooks Brothers wrinkle free dress shirts; however, color must also be taken into account. Your skin tone dictates which shirt colors look best on you. If you choose the wrong color, the shirt will not look good on you, no matter how stylish it is. Here are tips for choosing the right shirt colors for your skin tone.


Pale with a Hint of Pink

If your skin is pale with a pink undertone, you will look good in any shade of blue, green, red or tan. You can also wear jewel tones such as gold and light maroon or light eggplant. You should avoid bright white and dark purple or black as these will make you look ghostly pale. If you have your heart set on a white shirt, choose one that has a colored collar so that the white is not next to your neck and face.

Pale with a Hint of Yellow

Those with pale skin that also has undertones of yellow should wear blue, red, green, black and crisp white. The only colors you should avoid are beige, pale yellow and light tans as these wash you out and make you look sickly and less vibrant. Do not be afraid to mix up your wardrobe colors – for example, if you have dark hair, you can create a striking look by wearing a cobalt blue blazer over a white shirt.

Ruddy Complexion

If you have a naturally ruddy complexion, meaning you have a lot of natural dark pink in your skin tone – then choose any colors for your shirts except for dark orange and shades of red. Orange and red can clash with or accentuate the redness of your face.

Olive Skin

There are different shades of olive skin from light to dark. Olive skin has undertones of tan, yellow and green. If you wear those colors, make sure to go a shade deeper than your skin tone to avoid looking washed out. Black, grey, deep burgundy, deep cobalt blue, sapphire blue, dark green, vivid red and white should look good on you. If you wear yellow, make sure it is a warm, golden yellow and not a pale yellow.

Tan Complexion

If you have just gotten back from a beach vacation and you have bronzed skin, most shirt colors will look great on you. The exceptions are any shades of brown that do not provide sufficient contrast with your skin tone. Blue shirts will look exceptionally good on you, especially if you have blue eyes.

Dark Complexion

If you have a dark skin tone, you will look great in shades of dark blue, especially cobalt blue, sapphire blue, navy blue and dark teal. You will also look good in black, dark grey, medium and dark green, white, maroon and rosy pink. Avoid pale green, beige and pale grey.

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