Stay Healthy with Del Monte Fresh Produce This Holiday Season


The Holidays are here! And with all the great things that comes along with it (family, fun and FOOD!), staying healthy can be a big challenge.  So to help you make it through all the shopping, parties, family gathering and fun, Del Monte Fresh Produce is giving away $50 Coupon Booklets to Facebook fans.

To enter the promotions simply visit the Del Monte Facebook Page between December 3-14, 2010.  Fans who receive the coupon will be selected randomly and notified by December 16th. So head over and enter today.

Piling up on fresh fruits and veggies can give your body just what it needs during the holidays to stay healthy without packing on the pounds. So to help you enjoy this holiday season, here are some helpful tips on how to enjoy this holiday season to the fullest, while still looking out for your health.

Del Monte Fresh Produce tips to staying healthy during the holidays:

+ Eat a piece of fruit or two before the party to help curb your appetite.
+ Head for the crudité platter to fill up on veggies (and vitamins), rather than high caloric cheeses and dips.
+ Go for the grapes on a cheese platter and ignore the cheese and crackers.
+ Bring a veggie or fruit platter with low-fat dip, like yogurt or hummus, to a party so you know their will be
something healthy to eat.
+ Serve fresh homemade salsa with baked tortilla chips as a low fat appetizer option.
+ Roast fresh veggies with a little olive oil instead of sautéing in butter.
+ Go for a walk with guests at a party before or after your meal.  It’s a great way to be social and get your heart rate up.
+ Squeeze in an extra long and vigorous workout on party days.

For healthy, delicious recipes using Del Monte Fresh Produce, go to luck and Happy Healthy Holidays!

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