How to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

Ready to bang the New Year?! People’s adrenaline, serotonin, endorphin and all kinds of –nins are all up when thinking of beginning anew. It’s that sense of clean slate; erasing your mind of past mess; giving self another chance; and lifestyle reorganization are the psychology behind it. But why is it that most of the time and along the way, we lose the hang of it? – Familiar on your past year’s resolution?

People use too much will power to do things at a certain time, certain resolution and goal that they end up being drained and exhausted along the way. For example, you will begin your first few days of your goal workout at the gym carrying all the lifts till all your muscle aches and you can’t anymore get up the next day; Or eliminating your carb intake all of a sudden and getting dizzy most of the time. These will just lead to exhaustion instead of feeling refreshed and energized – the next thing you knew, you are back to old habits and laziness again.

So what should you do? Rather than making a new year’s resolution, design your own system to inculcate a year-round fitness. Discern the kind of lifestyle that fits you and work on your specific need. The following tips will keep you firing for your goals.

  1. Make your resolution / fitness activity part of your routine. Set a specific time of the day for your exercise. It’s like having your lunch time, kids play time, work time, etc. You may jot it on your daily scheduler, or cell phone reminder.
  2. Set your “Me Time”. During adult stage, setting time for yourself gets difficult to do. With the pile of obligations and demands from work, family, and other commitments, you seldom have your “Me Time” or it doesn’t exist at all. It is important to take care of your needs first and foremost before having the resources to take care of things outside you.
  1. Set a Realistic Goal. Choose a fitness program that fits your lifestyle. Each person is different so discern what is right for you. This includes the kind of exercise to do and engage on and the frequency of doing it – regardless of your chosen frequency, you must consistently stick to it.
  1. Get yourself an exercise instructor or exercise buddy. Having someone with you on your journey helps you to keep on track and stay motivated.
  1. Focus on the prize. When you feel like not doing it, lacking motivation, remember what you are doing this for – your health. Study says that doing exercise regularly keeps you from all kinds of diseases, mood swings, and it keeps you young. It also boosts up your self-esteem when you feel and see the effects of it on your body.
  1. Convenience. It sure is difficult to do your exercise regularly if you still have to travel just to get to the gym. You should opt for a closest gym to your place if there is or anywhere near your workplace if you ought to go after work. You can also do jogging around the neighborhood; or if you prefer to exercise alone, you can buy and set up your own equipment on your space and pair up with exercise DVDs.
  1. If there’s a will, there’s a way. There will always be time when you will be caught up jam packed with activities and it gets you off track of your exercise regimen. This will challenge your resourcefulness and your will. For example, you can still bring with you your exercise DVD and do it on the privacy of your hotel room when you’re in the midst of travel; you can do stretches, squats, lunging or keep a dumbbell under your office desk and exercise between breaks when at work; or you can jog around the playground while kids are playing.
  1. Make it fun. One way to keep a regimen is to enjoy it. It would also help to do various exercises or activities than sticking to just one. Do gym one day and then ball room dancing the next day, try swimming on weekends, then jogging or yoga alternately. This also gets you to work out your full body, muscles, and cardio.
  1. Reward yourself. When you manage to keep track for a week, a month or further, compliment yourself by going for a spa, massage, or buy yourself sexier clothes to emphasize your hard earned curves displayed with more self-confidence.
  1. Level up. As you have tested yourself on consistency of doing your regimen and succeeding, it’s time to support it with other healthy habit like managing your nutrition diet or exploring more positive habits and activities.


  1. These are all great tips to making your resolutions realities!

  2. Good tips. I don’t make resolutions, ever, so I never have to worry about breaking them.

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