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The holidays are now in full swing.  Now that we have Thanksgiving out of the way, the focus is now on Christmas and New Years which for many of us means more parties and celebration.  Along with all the parties everywhere,  you have the food, the gifts, and soon after, the mess! This dilemma shares and breaks the fun after. Cleaning can suck up all the fun you just enjoyed hours ago – and there is no fun in that at all.

The good news is – cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag and can be very entertaining if you put some imagination into it. Take the Dusterson’s for instance.  Doug and Debbie Dusterson are not just any couple, they are a fearless new dusting duo who really knows how to put the fun into dusting.  This Endust “Dusterson’s” video, will give you a whole new take on cleaning.  And, just by watching the video you can save too!  Be sure to watch it til the end because you can get a $1.00 off coupon for Endust, and if you “Like or Share” the video, you can receive a $2.00 coupon!  Be on the look out for new videos in the next few months!

Do you know anyone like the Dutereson’s?  I have to admit, the video is pretty funny, but I doubt I could ever get  my husband to do Doug’s crazy dance.  But at the same time, it’s a story we all can relate to when a whole lot of mess gets in the way of living a more relaxed lifestyle.   I have moments on the regular, when I want to just spend time doing other things or just relax by myself doing nothing,  but seeing a lot of mess around me just pulls up my stress levels up again and I have to get the cleaning out of the way (I have no maids), before I can actually stretch out on the couch and enjoy some free time.

Good thing I have discovered a great partner that makes it all easy for me.  Endust knows our time is valuable and with their easy to use products, they make dusting a breeze.  Simply spray and wipe and you’re off doing all the things you’d rather be doing.

Endust comes with a choice of dusting sprays and cleaners that work on multiple surfaces such as wood, tile, non-fabric blinds and floors! It also removes dust, allergens, fingerprints and smudges….without any residue or build-up.

Visit the Endust site for more of the helpful cleaning tips for your home, office or party venues. And don’t forget to watch the entertaining video antics by Debbie, Doug and Dusty and how they “Endust and start living”.

To learn more about Endust and the Dustersons, check out the Facebook and Twitter pages.

What activities are you held back from because of household chores?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Endust. I received a product sample to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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