Basic Hygiene Tips for Both Men and Women

You know one of those times when you have to go out and look nice? It could be your first date or an important meeting. Regardless of where you’re heading out to, it’s important that you look good, and feel good. And that’s only possible when you regularly focus on your personal hygiene.

In the following article we look into a few simple hygiene tips for both men and women who want to look their best and have the best personal hygiene…

For Men

1. Get a Close Shave: When it comes to looking fresh and clean, nothing beats a good old close shave. However, if you use improper methods to do it, you will end up feeling bruised and roughed up, which is the last thing you want. So see to it that you choose your shaving razor and cream carefully, and avoid those cheap disposable razors.

2. Maintain Your Oral Hygiene: Just the way it’s important to take care of the rest of your body, it’s important to take care of your oral hygiene. Bad breath and yellow teeth are a real turnoff for people. So if possible schedule regular appointments with the dentist and don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day!

3. Take Care of the Hair: Contrary to popular belief, grooming your hair and maintaining them is not just reserved for women. It’s also important for men. See to it that you’re using a high quality shampoo and conditioner along with fixing regular appointments with your barber for a better look.


For Women

1. Shower Regularly: Every women wants to smell good while feeling goodabout herself. Showering on a daily basis helps you get rid of any odors, greasy hair, dead skin, etc. Try and make it a part if your everyday schedule because nothing feels as fresh as a nice, warm shower.

2. Maintain Your Facial Skin: Being a woman, it’s important that you focus on using the best practices when it comes to maintaining your facial skin. It’s a part of your basic hygiene. See to it that you’re washing it twice a day with a face wash that suits your skin.

3. Use a Deodorant: Combating sweat production and capturing body odor – two of the most important things that you achieve when you use a deo regularly. If possible, carry a small pack of “baby wipes” in your purse to to wipe your underarms before you re-apply deodorant.

Regardless of what your current personal hygiene habits are, the above tips will definitely help you get the most out of grooming and let you look/feel good at all times.


  1. Great tips! :)

  2. Janet W. says:

    These are all great tips! I’ve never thought about using baby wipes on my arm pits before!

  3. Hmmm…it’s kind of sad that we live in a world where someone might have to be reminded of these things. KWIM?

  4. For men, it can be important to keep the stubble to a minimum. Thanks for sharing your tips for hygiene.

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