Dressing for Your Body Type


How To Dress for Your Body Type
Everyone has a different body type, so generally not everyone can wear
the same outfit. Finding clothes that are flattering for your figure can
accentuate your best features while hiding any prominent parts of your shape.
Common Body Shapes Include:
  • Straight
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Hourglass


Straight Body Type
With a straight body type, your waist is the same size as
your hips. The best way to dress for this body type is to use a thin or chunky
belt and synch in your waist to add some curves and avoid looking boyish. Add
some volume to your bust or waist, this can be done using ruffles which can add
a feminine touch to your figure. Avoid wearing oversized outfits and long maxi dresses,
if you have a few outfits that are baggy just add a belt to your waist. You can
also choose to create curves with colors. Wear a fitted bright and vibrant top
paired with a dark bottom, this easily breaks up your body shape and adds proportion
to your figure while creating a waist.

Apple Body Type
If your upper body is larger than your waist while your hips
are slim, you have an apple body shape. With this body type your shoulders and
bust and tummy tends to be wider than the rest of your body. Wearing darker
color tops can help sculpt the upper part of your body to make it look less
rounded. Draw more attention to your legs with straight or boot-cut jeans or
pants or a wrap dress that ends slightly above the knee. Try wearing
flat-fronted trousers that has a wide waistband to hide your tummy.

Pear Body Type
This is the most classic feminine silhouette since your hips
are more prominent then your bust. With the pear shape, your hips and thighs exceed
your shoulder width and you have a defined waist. With a slim upper body, you
can pull off a sexy strapless maxi dress or a low cut top with a pencil skirt.
Dresses are the way to go with this body type just keep in mind with trousers
or jeans go for darker washes.

Hourglass Body Type
An hourglass shape includes a narrow waist with broad hips
and bust. This is the curviest body shape which can be tricky to style since
you want to accentuate your waist to make it appear slimmer. You want to avoid
looking like a box with certain outfits. An A-line skirt is your best bet, pair
it with a fitted top with a V neck line with minimal accesories. You want to
balance your curvy shape with bootcut jeans, avoid wide leg trousers at all cost
and keep your tummy hidden with a wide belt. Keep your outfits fitted but not
tight to show off your curvy shape. 



  1. Robin says:

    I laughed when I read this because there are SOOOO many people that need to read this out there. Maybe I could post this on the door outside my local Walmart. OY!

  2. Sheri says:

    Ugh…I’m an apple who wants to be an hourglass, lol.

  3. I totally need to find a store that has only stuff in my shape. Like garnimals for adults.

  4. I’m the straight one but I wish I had a little roundy-roundiness up top. Dang!

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