Do It Yourself Mini Replica Keychain



If you’re planning a party or upcoming event you’ll want to send your guests home with party favors that will remind them of how enjoyable the party was.  Of course there are plenty of things you can buy and give but favors are more than simply a token of a wonderful party or event – they’re a meaningful piece of the day or evening filled with beautiful memories, so you should always aim for something unique. Sometimes, to be unique, it may require you to make one your own. But what are you going to make? Why not make a mini replica keychain of the celebrant. How? It’s simple…Use polymer clay.

You will need:

A photo
Polymer Clay
Eye pins
Key chain
Gloss glaze
Round nose pliers

Follow these steps:

1. Wash your hands and with the help of a napkin or cloth and then dry them well.
2. Cut out a small amount of clay just enough for your project.
3. Knead it until it’s smooth and flexible. Make sure that before you start kneading another color; wipe the top of the table or board with the help of a dump cloth and alcohol. These clays are sensitive so if you will leave behind a small particle on the board, it will easily mix with the other one.
4. Start shaping the clay base on the picture you are using as a guide.
5. Once the image has been copied, insert in the middle bottom part of the mold the eye pins and slowly skew the molded replica.
6. Make sure that the tip of the eye pin passes through the replica so that it is easier to fold.
7. Dip the replica in the gloss glaze for shiny effect
8. Preheat your oven toaster. After you preheat your toaster, place the newly made replica and then cook it at the different cooking temperature base on the brand of the clay you are using.
9. Don’t touch while it’s still hot. Let the clay cool and try to bend it to check if it’s already as solid as a rock.

Polymer clay is a flexible stuff that is made out of polymer polyvinyl chloride. They called it “clay” because it possesses this soft texture making it easy to sculpt and manipulate. It can be purchased on crafts shops and art stores and is being used to make items like flowers and charms on accessories and other artworks. There are so many brands to choose from like Fimo, Kato, Millefiori and Sculpey. But for beginners, it is advisable to use Sculpey Clays since it is softer and easier to bake. Please take note though that there are varieties of color available so instruct the attendant to bring different shades of color you will be using.
Author bio: Celeste is a writer from Indianapolis. She loves spending time with her husband, shopping, and working on DIY projects.


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