Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids.  This could be because of the built up anticipation for the Christmas presents that they expect from Santa for being good during the year.  As a parent, I like the challenge of finding holiday gifts for my kids that are not only fun but encourage learning as they play.  I’ve spent some time online and came across some really neat ideas. If you are still looking for ideas,  check out some of these great toy ideas for kids.

Leap Pad 2 Tablet









Does your kid learn best through gaming and technology? If so, the sturdy, education-focused LeapPad2 tablet from indigo toys gives kids something to call their own, with 325 games and apps available for purchase and download, plus front and back cameras and even a video recorder.

Indoor Play Tents

Kids love having a private, “secret” spot where they can play and hide. What is more fun than having a place all of your own?  Play tents are a wonderful opportunity for kids to have their own space.  Indoor tests are perfect especially during the wintertime, where kids can go to unwind,  relax, and create a little home of their own.

Dover Coloring Books

What kids doesn’t love coloring?  I love these educational coloring books by Dover where kids can learn about American Presidents, America’s First Ladies, Musical Instruments, Art Museums, Great Composers, or a number of other topics.  Kids who get hooked on these will likely want to keep on using them long after they’ve outgrown more juvenile coloring books. Adults too can get in on the fun and have been known to value their coloring time with their favorite Dover book.

Personalized Story Books

Every child loves to hear a fun story and a for a kid, nothing makes a story cooler than having them be a part of it!  Think how special they’ll feel when they see their own name printed in one of these unique books.   As a kid, I loved receiving books as gifts and giving your kids their very own personalized book is guaranteed to become a fast favorite!


You really can’t go wrong with LEGOs. I don’t know who loves the LEGOs more-kids or their parents.With so many different varieties and price ranges, there’s definitely something for every interest and budget. The bins and building sets make great Christmas gifts. Legos are very good and durable toys and can provide hours of fun.

Board Games

Board games are great for any occasion and for all ages.  They are great for family fun night, Christmas get-togethers, because everyone can participate and have fun. Not only do board games offer kids hours of fun, they can also teach children lessons in teamwork and communication, not to mention that some games also include learning new skills or knowledge.

Christmas Music and Movies

If all else fails, picking up some Christmas music and movie sets can be a great option. Depending on your kids interests, you should be able to find some nice choices that they will like and you can all enjoy as a family.

So what’s on your kids’ Christmas list? What gift recommendations would you add?

 This is a sponsored post from Indigo.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Legos are always good. My boys have 2 big buckets full of them and we always end up getting more and more sets each time they have a b-day or Christmas. They are one of those things that never gets old.

  2. Wonderful ideas!

  3. Kathy says:

    Great ideas, I know some kids who would love them!

  4. Anne says:

    Board games are great gifts, I like to give at least a few presents that aren’t electronic!

  5. we LOVE the leappad 2

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