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The holiday season is approaching fast! Now that they are drawing closer, you will begin to feel the magic of it all. Then you remember all the shopping and preparation you have to do to prepare.  Along with the shopping, you also have to think of appropriate gifts that you will need to give to your families. This time, how about giving them some tips and tricks that they will cherish for the rest of their lives? I’ll explain!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of baking soda? For obvious reasons, confectioneries! Did you know that baking soda was commercially sold since 1846? Arm & Hammer were the first ones to actually shed light on this wonderful product. Most people think that baking soda is only for cakes and breads because it helps them rise.

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However, baking soda, apart from making foods more delicious and mouth-watering, has yet another secret life. It’s the most effective and economic household cleaner that you can use on a daily basis. Not only is it safe, but is also a low-cost health and beauty product for the entire family. It is safe to consume, to use on your body or for your pets. Let me give you a few ideas on how you can utilize this wonderful product called baking soda.

  1. Cleans Kitchen Boards Like An Expert!
    Instead of using detergents, soaps and scrubbers to clean the area which you’ll be using to prepare your food, you can easily sprinkle Arm & Hammer baking soda on a damp cloth which you can use to wipe clean your working surface. Rinse and pat dry! There, say good bye to unnecessary chemicals and use baking soda instead!
  1. Keeps Food Fresh Like you Just Bought It!
    Wouldn’t you like the food in the refrigerator to remain fresh at least until the weekend? Imagine all the veggies turning dry and slowly starting to fade its color? Remember to put an open box of baking soda in the fridge so that your food and veggies remain fresh and tasty for the weekend to come!
  1. Washes Fruits and Veggies
    Many of us have the habit, which is good, to clean fruits and veggies before we consume them. I’ve known of a person who scrubs them with soap to be sure! If you’re one of them, then try and wash your fruits and veggies with baking soda. It’s simple! Rub some soda on the fruit or veggie and rinse well. I bet you’ll love the taste!
  1. Got Jewellery? Polish Them!
    Jewelery most of the time loses the shine for many reasons. You no longer have to go to some specialist, instead scrub them with Arm & Hammer baking soda and see the shine! Be your own expert!
  1. Kick Odor!
    Kitchen garbage cans and bathroom waste baskets can smell fresh too despite the waste in them! Ignoring this can literally spread the odor throughout your house. Instead of scrubbing and scrubbing more, sprinkle baking soda before using it and once you throw the waste out, rinse it with a solution of 1 cup of  baking soda to one gallon of water.
  1. Pamper Yourself with White Sparkling Teeth
    Are you tired of using teeth whitening products? Have you tried Arm & Hammer baking soda? It works wonders and with regular use, you’ll see the difference.
  1. No More Smelly Underarms!
    Are you shy to raise your hand or reach for something high because of smelly underarms? Want to feel fresh all day? Then dust baking soda under arms to feel fresh and vibrant all day long!

These are just some benefits and with all the holiday craziness coming up, why not make the Arm & Hammer baking soda your personal assistant? From pampering yourself to organizing your house, Arm & Hammer baking soda can assist with all your home and beauty needs.

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  1. Hi Dee,

    You left one out ; baking soda can be a great face and body scrub ; just mix with honey, some sea salt and olive oil and you’re good to go. Just don’t scrub too hard, as it can be a bit harsh on the skin. Thanks for the resourceful post!


    • Dee says:

      Good tip! Thanks a bunch Jessica.

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