Quick Full Body Exercises For Busy Bodies



Having a busy life should never give you an excuse not to take care of your health.  Trying to fit in that trip to the gym or enrolling in a fitness class may be hard to come by, but it doesn’t have to mean giving up on exercise all together. Doing a graceful 20 min. body workout in the comfort of your own space can give you a much needed energy boost keeping you energized on your jam-packed day.  Physical activity is our body’s means to stay on the go, to recharge and to de-stress – So it is important to get just as much in as nourishing the body through healthy eating.

Here’s a catalog of some of the best Quick Full Body Exercises that you can incorporate into your run to an oozing healthy lifestyle. You may choose what best fits you as each of our bodies responds differently with every exercise regimen or program. Once you do it religiously, it will pay off by helping you to feeling great inside and out.

Not many know that doing squat exercises releases full body growth hormones as your thighs, leg muscles and buttocks are worked out. It does not only tones muscles but it is considered as an overall body fitness conditioning.





Dead Lifts
The body’s natural response is to build muscle tissue, burn unwanted fats and become stronger. This exercise concentrates on major muscles such as hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, plus different muscles on every angle. This is a great exercise for toning overall body.




An exercise that gives you balance and agility. It increases the body’s ability to jump, run, and lift for functionality and alertness. This work out focuses on quadriceps, hamstrings, thighs and legs. The position also strengthens each leg independently by alternately carrying the load of your body.


Chair Push Up
There are more exercises that you can do using a chair. One of which is push up where by doing so strengthens and tones your chest, arms, back, shoulders and core.



Yoga Exercise
Yoga is a kind of exercise that helps to balance the mind, body and spirit. It promotes flexibility of the body and trains it to be relaxed even in the midst of stressful environment.





Pilates Fitness
Pilates in an exercise that you can practice along with some of the basic poses of Yoga. It focuses on strengthening the core of the body mainly the abs and buttocks. It promotes flexibility, posture, muscle strength and likewise gives a balance of mind and body.



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  1. Great easy tips!!!

  2. great post! these all sound easy enough for anyone to do

  3. Robin says:

    These are awesome and sound easy enough to fit into my day.

  4. Squats are my go-to when I don’t feel like doing anything else because they work basically everything – legs, core, butt. Great list!

  5. Great exercises. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Squats and lunges, whew said the thighs!

  7. These all sound awesome, and exercises you can do anywhere! Love this, thanks for sharing!!!

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