Craft Spotlight: Cozy Sweater Vase


Hi Cocktails With Mom readers. My name is Shannon and I blog over at Sewing Barefoot. I’m so glad Dee invited me to be here today to share one of my projects with you. I’m an interior designer by day and a crazy crafter (addicted to my glue gun) at night. My latest creation is this cozy sweater vase. I have a number of generic, glass vases sitting around my house so I decided to spruce one up for Fall.

Here’s how I did it:

I started by disassembling a sweater I picked up from The Salvation Army. I had originally gotten it to make these sweater pumpkins but had plenty left over for other projects. For this, I used a section of sleeve and slid it on over my vase.


To cover the raw edge at the top, I simply made a linen “ribbon” by cutting a piece of fabric to the length I needed, sewed it together, turned it right side out and top stitched it to finish it off. After trimming off my loose threads, I tied it nicely around the top of my vase.


I used a glue dot to keep the “knot” secured to the glass, however the rest of the sweater just fits snug enough around the vase to stay put. I decorated my finished vase with our wedding flowers we had left over (we used all artificial and I love having them around the house). This inexpensive, simple spruce up was perfect for turning my “blah” vase into a fun, Fall centerpiece.



  1. mel says:

    That is amazing! It is so original! I am slightly jealous because I am not good with crafting!

  2. Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot says:

    Thanks Mel. I’m so glad you like it!

  3. What a great idea for a unique table centerpiece!

  4. That is really cool! I wouldn’t have thought of doing something like that.

  5. super cute!!!

  6. How pretty! I wish I was craft like this!

  7. Jai says:

    When I first read the description, it seemed odd but after getting to see it I really think this looks cool! Very neat idea!

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