Beauty treatments for every nook and cranny!



Beauty treatments for every nook and cranny! We all have our trouble spots, our ‘areas’ of concern as well as hopefully the areas we love. Here we tackle some common areas needing our loving attention.

Handover the almonds!

Our hands say a lot about us. From manicures to gel based nail applications, there is a lot us women can do to have soft, beautiful hands. A homemade almond scrub can work wonders on anyone. Simply mix 1/3c almonds, 1/2-1t organic olive oil and 1t honey or agave nectar into a blender then rub all over your digits! Take care to rub carefully but thoroughly then wash off. Soft supple skin is now yours.

Décolletage of Beauty

Well, now we all know how important it is to look after this area. Sexy dresses, swim suites and summer clothes all put our décolletage on display. Regular moisturizing and massage will look after this area. Also, regular sun block when out in the sun will protect this area from premature wrinkles or spots.



 Sumo Summer

Sexy pins usually come from hours of running or some other sport but seeing as not all of us have the time to run marathons, or the inclination to eat celery for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we need to find some other ways to get our legs soft, smooth and gorgeous. You can try some doing exercises such as the Sumo Crab Walk:

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, point out your toes and extend knees over the toes.

2. Step forward one foot at a time, then turn and walk back to your starting position. Repeat.

3. Keep abs braced and back straight throughout.  And of course if all else fails, a spray tan can go a long way to improving any pair of pins.

 Put your foot down!

Feet, like hands, can get neglected but are also an area that if looked after can improve our appearance greatly. Aside from regular pedicures, you can also spend time at home moisturizing and exfoliating. And then there is the smell. Feet can sometimes smell but to avoid this embarrassing situation try this organic beauty treatment. Simply mix ½ cup baking soda, ½ cup organic cornstarch, and about 15 drops of organic lemon essential oil. Once all mixed up, sprinkle a little over and inside your shoes and running trainers.


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