5 signs you are embarrassing your teen



 Written By CocktailsWithMom.com  Teen Contributor, April


As a teenager, let me enlighten all you parents out there about how hard it is to climb the steep and tiresome ladder that is our social life. People do not make friends based on ‘personality’ anymore; they make friends based on popularity. And let me tell you, being popular is not getting any easier with parents constantly embarrassing us in front of our friends! You might think you were being normal, but you were actually making us die a little bit inside with each passing minute. Below are some crimes in which my parents are repeat offenders. How many of these are you guilty of?


1) Trying to sound cool

My mom has this tendency of trying to sound cool when my friends are around. It started getting embarrassing when most of the words she used were out of context. I literally cringed at some of the things that she said. I confronted my m0m about it one day before my reputation was forever gone.

Me:     ‘Mom, why do you speak like that in front of my friends?! You’re fine when it’s just me around!’
Mom: ‘I’m just trying to be groovy by speaking your lingo!’
Me:      ‘No one says groovy anymore! Or lingo! How old are you?!’
Mom:  ‘Hey, do not speak to me like that in my homie!’
Me:       That conversation ended with a face-palm.

2) Cracking jokes!

Every parent wants to be known as the fun parent, and they might often think that the only way to be fun is to try to make their teen (and their friends) laugh as much as possible. No, that is wrong. Never, ever do that! My dad is a fan of puns, and it is just horrible.

*Me watching Step Up*
Me:    He is so cool!
Dad:  I bet he has lots of…fans!
I face-palmed myself while he tried to stifle his laugh…which brings me to the next offense!


3) Laughing at your own jokes!

Nothing gets weirder than you laughing at your own jokes. Usually, people do not even realize that
it is supposed to be funny until you start laughing…and it gets worse when you have a weird laugh. My parents have the weirdest laughs. And I don’t mean that in an affectionate way, I mean that in a hostile way. Combine their two two laughs together and you get the strangest, most distorted noise ever known to men. Being married for so long, you would at least think they had the decency to harmonize their laughs.

4) Dancing is public!

Dancing is okay, dancing is great! But not all forms of dancing are acceptable, and especially not when you, my parents, do it. Ballroom dancing, Argentinian Tango, Breakdancing – approved.  Chicken Dance, the Twist, Michael Jackson’s crotch grab – Not approved. Oh, and no matter how much society convinces you, dancing the Gangnam Style is definitely a no-no. I have warned my parents about this before, just when they started being fascinated in the Gangnam dance. I told them to not even THINK about parading their gangnam moves, not even at home. That is just not…acceptable.


5) Constantly commenting on my Facebook!

Creating a Facebook account is a crime in itself, adding me as a friend is pushing the limit, and commenting on my stuff is just unforgivable. There was this once, I took a photo with a guy.

My mum commented: awww, that’s so cute. Is he the guy you keep telling me about?
My dad commented: You do not have the right to see my daughter! I see your name tagged in this photo, watch out you little punk!

I ended up deleting that photo.


April  is a soon to be college student in her teens.  She enjoys sunny days, swimming, writing and reading young adult novels. She hopes to major in Advertising and Creative Writing.

Photo:  Back in skinny jeans


  1. Alison says:

    I can’t wait to embarrass my kids when they are teens. ;)

  2. Katie says:

    Ditto Alison – my mom did it to me, you can be sure I’ll do it to my daughter!

  3. Anne says:

    I have three teens, and I embarrass them regularly!

  4. Alison says:

    I use to embarrass my teenagers all the time dancing in the store.. LOL… I would also tell them that if they did not behave, I would show up at thier school wearing “socks with sandals” they hated that.

  5. Marti Tabora says:

    I do all of those things on purpose. It might embarrass him now, but many years from now it will be a fond memory. My step children never get embarrassed, they are from Honduras and the culture there is very different. Things that my son finds embarrassing, they find very cool.

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