4 Words I Wish I Could Just Stop Hearing




Having to hear these incredibly monotonous and useless words is bad enough, but imagine my horror when I hear these exact words coming out of my own mouth. Although these words are probably now ingrained in our life permanently, how I wish I didn’t have to hear them over and over!

Here are 4 words I wish I could stop hearing (and saying!):

1.  Whatever: We’re so horribly stuck with this word. It just comes out so easily during a fight and then the argument just gains a whole new momentum. It essentially means: “I care but I’m going to say I don’t just so you can get angrier and we can fight some more”. It’s such a sure fire way to spark anger in the other person.

2.  Like: You’d think an educated person would have a wealthier store of reasonable words to use in conversations; but “like” comes up in conversations more times than we’d like to hear. One of my friends uses this word really, really often, and while she thinks she’s making her thoughts clearer by putting in this word and elaborating her every sentence, the chant “like, like, like” just spins in my head all day after meeting her.

3.  Gay: I’m so sick of hearing this word in the wrong context wherever I go. The younger generation of both sexes is an equal participant in the crude use of a perfectly reasonable term. It makes even the most intelligent of people sound like an ignorant child. I really wish people would stop using this word as a slur.  This is one word I’m glad has not found it’s way into my vocabulary.

4.  Awesome: Some things might be awesome, but I don’t think the people who overuse this word even know what they’re saying.  Everything from a failed exam to a burger to a sibling’s bleeding wound that needed stitches is just “awesome”. Well, I disagree! The exam you failed should be embarrassing instead of “awesome” and the sibling’s wound probably hurt terribly so that wasn’t “awesome” either. As for the burger, it might have been extremely tasty but I’m sure it did not inspire any awe!


  1. I’m totally guilty of over using the word awesome.

    • Dee says:

      Well that is just.. Awesome Lisa! :)

  2. Add me to the offenders for awesome. The one I’m sick of is celebrities saying they’re “over the moon” about a pregnancy or new child.

  3. Katie says:

    totally agree on “gay”. I’d also add “retarded”

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