The 10 minute makeover – How to easily transform your look in 10 minutes without spending much



We all have less than glamorous days, when we feel like we need a complete makeover to iron out our kinks. Transform your look with these simple 10 minute makeover tips, without spending much.

10 Minute Makeover

We have all had those crazy mornings which start with racing against the clock to get the kids ready for school and end up with rummaging through the closet for something throw on before dashing out of the house. The realization that clothes just don’t fit the way they used to, staring at the permanent bags which form underneath the eyes giving you an ever tired look and thinking about the long day ahead, makes you feel that you could do with a makeover. Here are some of our round-up of tips to achieve a 10 minute makeover that will uplift your mood and transform your look without spending much.

Awaken your eyes

The face is a prominent feature of who you are and you should therefore focus on transforming your look by awakening your eyes. Use white eyeliner to line the bottom and top of your eyes when you wake up in the morning. Concealer of foundation can also do the trick, if you are particularly not heavy on makeup.

Give yourself a quick brow-over

eye brow tipsStill on the face, it is simple to quickly change your look by having a ‘brow-over.’ Tweeze your eyebrows and use a spooler brush to keep their hair in place. If need be, fill out your eyebrows using eye pencil or brow get and finally polish off the look using concealer.

Go bolder with make-up

makeup tips

Most of us always go without make-up, which is not a bad thing, but if you need a quick makeover going bolder with make-up will do the trick. For most part, mascara and lip gloss will instantly give you a transformed look. For an evening or more formal affair, use bolder blushes and graphic eye liner.

Sweep up your hair or let it down

quick hairstylesThe first thing you will need is to address the common hair problems most of us face. For added volume, the old flipping over, hairspray treatment and blow drying trick should work. For greasy hair, use baby powder to instantly de-grease your hair. If you regularly wear your hair up let I down and if you always let it down try to sweep it up for a change.

These are just small things that you can do to get a quick and cost effective makeover. All these steps should not take you more than 10 minutes and you can make them part of your daily routine. Take your makeover a step further by gradually upgrading your wardrobe and adding updated accessories to your closet.



  1. These are great tips because 10 minutes is about all I have these days to stand in front of the mirror. :P

  2. Robin says:

    Good tips. I usually don’t wear makeup, but I just bought some tinted lip gloss. Baby steps, right? LOL!

  3. Heather says:

    You know when I look like poo I noticed I always feel like it to. So on my rush out the door in the morning I always take time to at least swipe on mascara and lip gloss.

  4. Lipstick always perks up my day.

  5. I complete agree with the brows.

  6. Love all these looks.

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