5 Ways to say “I love you” ( With More Than Just Words)



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At times, actions can be way more important than words and the right ways to say I love you other than with words can be challenging. In a relationship, it really matters if your behavior towards your loved one is consistent with what you actually say.

Most of us are usually really generous with telling our partner we love them, especially in the first few years of the relationship. Later, we often start taking the other for granted and get past the vocal stage where we say our deepest, truest feelings as soon as they come to mind.

Although it isn’t necessary to keep saying these three words for years, occasionally telling the person in your life that you love them is important. What matters more though is what your actions towards them translate to. Keep your relationship healthy and tell your partner that you love them, with these simple gestures.

5 Ways to say “I love you” ( With More Than Just Words)

1.  Listen To Them

You might not necessarily agree with their opinion or their feelings, but don’t just blurt it out. Give them the opportunity to get their feelings out of their system and be supportive throughout. You don’t have to be dishonest though; tell them your feelings after they have vented their frustration, but in a kind and supportive manner. Making them feel that they can depend on you with their emotions can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

2. Let them win

Which relationship never has arguments and disagreements? But make sure you don’t let it go out of hand. Let your partner win and give them a hug. If they’re still angry, persist. You don’t want to hurt the person you love, and letting them know this by taking control and giving up in an argument will make them want to do the same thing for you next time.  This may not always be easy but it is surely one of the ways to say I LOVE YOU.

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2. Be Generous

With your time, your affection, your feelings, and your money. You don’t necessarily have to buy diamonds and designer wear for your partner on a regular basis to fall through with this one; but making small, generous gestures will make them feel loved and appreciated.

4. Have Fun with them

Making the effort to involve your loved one in your daily activities can make them feel like an important part of your life. Just relaxing and having fun is one of the easiest ways to say I love you. You don’t have to take them with you everywhere – every individual needs their own time and space. But the important thing is to talk to them when you’re together, about all the fun and interesting things you did with your day. When you’re with them, they should feel like there’s no other place you’d rather be at the moment.

5. Kiss Them

Not the passionate kisses when you’re in bed – but a peck on the cheek, or on the forehead will bring a smile to their face. When in a relationship, a little kiss says “I love you” like no other gesture.





  1. great ideas and so easy to do if we take the time

  2. Excellent post. I’m actually working on one w/ a similar theme right now…

  3. Robin says:

    Awesome ideas! I think the divorce rate would be a lot less if more people too the small amount of time it takes to do some of these things!!

  4. I need to learn to listen more and let my hubby win more often! Great ideas, thank you!

  5. Compromise and giving in is definitely a part of life and goes a long way in having a happy marriage. Root for your husband and keep all your criticisms to yourself and you’ll be amazed at how strong your bond becomes.

  6. What great tips! Loved reading this.

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