Household Odors Be Gone with Filtrete Oder Reduction Filters

Did you know that are sometimes find more allergens inside your home than there are outside?   Lisa Beres is an author, a building biologist, and she loves to share her ideas on how to keep your house clean and fresh and including using a Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter is one easy way to do that.

You love to cook.  But after cooking, you can have food odors linger for days. Lisa suggests upgrading to a Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter to prevent the odors and gases from spreading. This filter uses a carbon web technology that traps the odors with electronically charged fibers. This means it does not only trap odors from food but also from pets, dust mites, and outdoor allergens. The filter makes the need for scented candles or other possible allergy causing scents to be introduced into the home to mask the other problems.

Lisa also has other good suggestions in keeping a house smelling fresh by getting rid of mildew odors. Mildew can grow on towels, or even gym clothes, that sit in a pile for an extended period. She suggests washing them in hot water and vinegar before throwing them into the regular wash. She also suggests establishing pet free areas in your house to reduce the amount of pet dander all over your home. Areas that make good pet free areas are bedrooms and playrooms.

We have allergies in our house and in addition to these suggestions by Lisa, we do not have carpeting in our home. Carpets trap odors and allergens. Hardwood floors are preferred in homes of those with allergies because you can keep them clean easier. We also cover all mattresses and pillows with an allergy free wrap.

Having allergy sufferers in your home can be miserable for all, but there are a few techniques to reducing the odors in your home and installing a Filtrete filter will help. To read more about the Filtrete filter, you can find Filtrete on Facebook , on Twitter , and their webpage at

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Filtrete and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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