Ten ways to relax in 10 minutes or less:

I’m a mom of two boys, and one thing I need quite often (or else I’ll be miserable, and so will everyone around me) is time to relax. Time seems to be the one thing that is most elusive, though, because there just never seems to be enough of it. A friend suggested I just find 10 minutes a day to do something I love, no matter what, to ground me and help me be the best mama, wife, and person I can be. After following her advice, I have to admit…she is right! My friend Dee understands this all too well, so she is letting my share with you a list of my favorite ways to relax every day in ten minutes or less, and hope they inspire you to find a way to treat yourself well every day too.

Ten ways to relax in 10 minutes or less:

1. Go online and chat (if you have a blog, love facebook, etc- pick your social media poison and spend some time with adult friends, even if it’s only virtually)

2. Read a frivolous magazine or book- it’s fun, and you want to, and it will inject a bit of levity into your day if you are bored, worn out, etc.

3. Sit and drink some tea. Ignore everything around you (you don’t see the messy counter and the vacuum will still be waiting for you in ten minutes), and just think about what makes you happy for a bit.


4. Sit outside your house and people watch. Just watch people walking by, say hi to the neighbors, and enjoy the sun…it’s a busy world out there, and having a chance to sit and watch it all makes our own problems seem a bit smaller.

5. Soak in the tub for a bit, and zone out. Have some fabulously scented body wash on hand for this so you really enjoy it.

6. Have a snack. If there is something you crave, a guilty pleasure, you may as well REALLY enjoy it, so sit with your chocolate, or your coffee cake, or whatever it is, and focus on savoring every delectable morsel.

7. Go for a ten minute walk. Sometimes exercise (in addition to keeping us fit and in shape) lifts our mood by releasing endorphins in our body that make us happy, so hit the pavement!

8. Pamper yourself in your own bathroom…whether you’ve been wanting to try out a new face mask, condition your hair, whatever, just lock the door and do it. You at least won’t look frazzled or feel that you are always putting yourself last.

9. Call a friend, a chat. Sometimes just talking to something for a while (especially someone who understands being a busy parent) gives you the feeling that things aren’t so overwhelming after all (or at the very least, that it isn’t just happening to you ;-) )

10. Take a nap…short power naps are not only relaxing, but apparently can rev you up with lots of energy for the rest of the day too.

If you want to read more about mommyhood, and fun things like hair tutorials and recipes, check out my site, Penelope’s Oasis…Happy Relaxing!


  1. Ida, Fitness Space says:

    11. Take a really slow deep breath. Try and imagine that the breath is coming from your tummy (if this is hard put your hand on your tummy when you breath normally, you’ll see your hand rising, then all you got to do is encourage this motion.

    Taking a deep breath may sound ridiculous but it really helps, especially if you do it for a minute or two, really relieves stress!

  2. These are great tips!!!

    I love the people watch one!!

  3. Great tips! It’s so hard for me to remember to take time for myself away from my kids but it’s so important and everyone is happier because of it.

  4. Thank you for the tips. I need to take ten minutes to myself.

  5. Lynn says:

    LOVE all of these! I feel more relaxed just by reading :)

  6. I literally lay on the floor, stair at the ceiling and breath.

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