4 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Show Dad you Care




Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and with it comes the annual realization shopping for your dad is impossible. While finding the right gift may not be the easiest thing in the world there are some personal and budget-friendly options out there. To explore these options and choose one best suited for your dad, consider the following cool and creative Father’s Day presents.

1. Power Tools

Your dad doesn’t even have to be the handiest man around to enjoy a good set of power tools. In fact, your pop may be putting off certain handyman work around the house because it’s impossible to get the job done right with dated and rusted tools in his toolbox. Contrary to popular belief, power tools can actually be a relatively inexpensive gift for Father’s Day, since many suppliers have incredible sales around the holiday. If you’re on an especially strict budget, you can even just invest in a few of the basics to add a quality foundation for your dad’s collection.

2. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi

He may not be the hippest and most cutting-edge dad when it comes to fashion and lingo, but your dad can show off his up-to-date ownership of the newest tech gadgets with Apple’s latest iPad 2. This innovative and feature-filled tablet can turn any Luddite into a believer with an all-new lighter and thinner design, powerful dual-cord A5 chip, and a remarkable 10 hours of battery life. You can stay in touch with your dad from near and far with two convenient cameras, which facilitate user-friendly FaceTime video calls, HD video recording, and fun snapshots with Photo Booth.

3. Pictures and Picture Frames

A good do-it-yourself idea to let your dad know you love and appreciate him is by collecting pictures of him both alone and with the family to preserve and celebrate these memories in a lasting way. For outdoorsy dads, Hilary Johnson of HGTV recommends a rustic wood frame that surrounds a picture of your dad doing what he loves best in the great outdoors. This simple, but thoughtful gift requires collecting several clean and sturdy twigs from outside and trimming them to a uniform size. Simply cover the perimeter of the picture frame with these twigs and secure them with a glue gun for a personal and unique gift.

4. The Recycled Tool belt

Another DIY Father’s Day gift idea is the recycled tool belt, which would go lovely with his new set of tools. To keep his tools handy for performing jobs around the house, a lightweight and bulk-free tool belt is just what your dad needs to perform his Mr. Fix-It duties quicker and easier. You can make this belt from items you have lying around the house. With some repurposed fabric and a little creativity, you can make your dad a fun and useful gift for his special day.

Now that you’re older, you can’t really get away with giving dad a finger painting and macaroni necklace for Father’s Day. However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a bundle to make him smile and give him something that he’ll truly enjoy. With one or a couple of the items above, you can count on making this year’s holiday extra special for your dad.

About the Author: Kristine loves to write on the behalf of Sears, practice yoga and collect LOLCat pictures.

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