What to buy that guy?!



Father’s Day is such a special time of the year for me. I never knew my biological father growing up, so it was something I never got to celebrate. Since I’ve become a mother, I have been able to honor my husband as the wonderful father he is.  Not only is my husband a good dad, but so is my father in law. I know that not everyone can say that about their fathers, but I feel blessed to be able to say that about the men in my life.

The big question here is what am I going to get these two special men in my life? Mens watches are always my “go to”

because they are easy to purchase and there are so many different varieties to choose from.   Of course, you can only buy so many watches in a lifetime, so this year I opted to get my father in law a really nice one.  My husband is a bit pickier when it comes to finding the perfect gift for him.

He’s really into guns, so I thought about getting some ammunition or something to help him out in that department. Then I thought I might as well stick with something simple and attractive.

This brings me to my point of this post. Have you started thinking ahead to what you will get the men in your life? I think it’s hard to shop for guys because they really are all over the place. I laugh because my husband says that women are hard to shop for.  I just love the great selection of mens watches  I’ve come across lately and I have already chosen the one I am getting for my father -in- law. If you will be doing any online shopping this year, be sure to check out ShopNBC.  They offer a great selection of watches.

One down and one to go…


  1. that’s a great looking watch

  2. Since I have never worn a watch I had never really thought about a watch as a gift for my dad, but it is a great suggestion. I’m sure he shops for his watch out of necessity and does not consider style (something he is not great at), and I could definitely help him in that department. Usually I try to find him more attractive looking button-down shirts, but maybe this year I’ll stray from the norm. Have you found watch sizes an issue at all? Do you even have a choice in the size?

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