I Like To Craft on a Budget



I love doing arts and crafts on a rainy day and since today was rather rainy, so I spent a great part of the day doing what I love, Crafting! I am always looking for new projects to begin – sometimes even before I complete the one I’m working on.  So I always have to keep my supply stash built up.  I like to visit sites that offer you a variety of awesome crafting supplies and everything else you can imagine for a Do-It-Yourself project.  If you spend enough time lurking around , you may even discover some really great home décor and decorations!

I follow this local guy who is always talking about doing designs on a budget.   Project on a budget is definitely my thing.  I always see a few ideas I want to execute, but I don’t necessarily want to spend the money.  I live on a budget so places like Factory Direct Craft, really help me stay on target and help make my home look fabulous. I really had no idea that I could find décor at such an amazing deal. You can tell that I’m used to making my own things because I’m so cheap. I don’t mean “cheap cheap” because I want quality, but I am picky about what I spend my money on.

I guess my main point here is you can look all over the net for various ways to save money, but sometimes it is right in front of you. I enjoy crafting and buying incredibly cute things on sale. Make sure you take a look and let me know what you purchase. Perhaps we could share our crafting secrets? I look forward to hearing about it all.


  1. I swear I love so many DIY projects but many times when I factor in all the supplies, it would have been cheaper to buy it premade

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