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No one ever prepared you for those weird moments in life. You know, the areas where things happen, but no one warned you about them? I know that having children young made me have several issues after my kids were born. I wasn’t even aware of some of the issues because I was so busy taking care of my children. There is a history of depression in my family and that’s why I always make it a point to have certain resources available whenever I know someone who may be suffering from a mental disorder.

Although I have never personally dealt with any major mental issues, I know several people who have.    Places like have been a wonderful resource for my many family members who have dealt with some type of mental health issue. Since I live kind of far away, I still read up on their website and recommend them to who I can.

I know that mental health issues are often the “elephant” in the room, so to speak. No one wants to talk about it and it’s not always something you hear talked about on a blog. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from because mental illness has no boundaries. Anxiety disorders, personality disorders and even depression are real issues that Americans face every day.

Talk to someone you know or love if you are having these types of mental issues. None at PCH Treatment is here to judge you; instead they are here to help you. I hope you find as much solace in their expertise and experience as I did.

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  1. I think more people than we realize suffer from this to some extent. It’s so good to know that there’s lots of help out there!

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