7 Unique Wedding Locations

With a beautiful spring on the way, marriage is on peoples’ mind as we approach wedding season. Whether you yourself are getting married or if you know someone close to you getting married, it can be an exciting time as friends and family come together over the union of two people in love. When it comes to weddings, there are many common locations that can make for a great wedding, but what are some of the more unorthodox ideas? Read on.

 1) Mountain Cabin

The mountains are an enchanting place during the spring and fall months when the weather is beautiful and the plant life is colorful from blooming or autumn. Many mountain cabins have plenty of space to accommodate your guests while enjoying the outdoors. If you look hard enough you can find the perfect location with a view for miles over rolling hills with the fresh mountain air to create a truly unique wedding. Some also believe the mountains to be a spiritual place of relaxation and growth making it a fitting place to join two hands in marriage.

mountain cabin view

2) A Sailboat

There are many wedding venues and locations across the world, but most of them are on land. Having your wedding on a sailboat would set it apart from 99% of weddings right away as you are sailing over the vast ocean. The idea of sailing into the sunset has been in the hearts of romantics for thousands of years, so a wedding on a sailboat is as close as it gets to a real life fairy tale. Make sure you get a boat that will have a safe capacity large enough for your guests.

toasting on a sailboat


3) In Your Backyard

Sometimes the best ideas are those closest to home. Backyard weddings provide flexibility to plan and decorate exactly how you want without the restrictions of potential wedding venues. Weddings can cost a lot of money when it is all said and done. By having your wedding in your own backyard you are able to save money over renting a venue for the day. As an added bonus, all of the money you spend on a deck, landscaping, the altar, or anything else will add value to your home making it a smart financial investment as well.

4) At a Winery

When it comes to adult beverages, wine has always seemed to be the drink of choice for dates and romance. Wineries take special pride in the production and aging of wine to create a truly elegant taste, making them a perfect place for a classy and simple wedding. Most wineries are located in beautiful parts of nature where they grow grapes, make the wine, and bottle it. Both the inside and the outside inspire a sense of peace away from the concerns of day to day life.



5) On the Lake

Whether its on the lake, at the beach, or near a river, weddings and water seem to be a match made in heaven. Lake weddings have the calm sound of the subtle waves creating a soothing environment without the crowds of many public beaches. If you don’t know someone with an available lake house, there are many available lakeside lots available for rent that would make a great spot for a wedding.


6) Local Botanical Gardens

On a woman’s wedding day, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Local botanical gardens reflect that beauty with a variety of flowers and plants arranged with care and attention to detail. Many botanical gardens are capable of hosting a wedding customized to fit the individual couples wedding plans. If you love the outdoors and want your wedding to be in a breathtaking setting, then the botanical gardens is a great choice.

7) Art Museum

There are many different potential venues out there for weddings that are based around the soon-to-be newlyweds passions and interests. If a shared interest is art, for example, then an art museum would be a great place to consider as a wedding venue. While you are sharing the best day of your life with your husband or wife, you will be surrounded with something that you both love.


Picking the right location for your dream wedding is a tough decision that takes time and consideration. Even if you don’t decide to take a leap with a unique wedding venue, these examples can help broaden your perspective and give you inspiration for planning a wedding. What are some other unique wedding locations that have really stood out and made a lasting impression?


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  1. Becca says:

    I think those are all great locations. My mom married my dad in her parents backyard and my aunt married her husband at the campground he owns. I obviously wasn’t at my parents’ wedding, but my aunt’s wedding was awesome!

  2. great ideas.. I was married at this cute little outdoor place. I loved it.

  3. I am glad that you included #3. Weddings seem to be hijacked by those with a lot of disposable income to spend on a wedding. There are so many people who are deeply in love and want to share that with their friends and family but don’t have the money to have this fairy tale wedding. I love the idea of just having a great party in your backyard with all your loved one’s celebrating your new life together.

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