VTech Video Baby Monitor: A Lifesaver For Our Family {Plus a Giveaway}

In my house, VTech is a well loved named.  Many of our favorite electronics as well as kid’s toys are made by VTech.  Over the last few months, I have been in search of a good video baby monitor.  I looked at the baby companies but never considered that VTech might have one.  When Dee emailed me with the information, I jumped at the chance to review their Safe & Sound Full Color Video and Audio Monitor.  Just a week and half ago, my daughter was born 9 weeks early and is currently in the NICU.

Even though I am not a first time parent, I feel like one.  She is requires a different type of care than my full term babies needed and frankly it scares my husband and I just a little bit.  Having a video baby monitor in our home to keep an eye on her when we do have to walk away from her gives both my husband and I huge peace of mind.


vtech baby monitor

Even though Abigail is not home yet, we decided to test this system on our two year old son and love many of the unique features that are included with the unit.

First of all, the Safe & Sound Full Color Video and Audio Monitor took less than 5 minutes to set up – we just needed to charge the parent unit.  Being a busy mom, this is what I like to see with baby products.  I don’t have time to spend 30 minutes to an hour setting up a video monitor system.  I also love that the unit has a rechargeable battery for the parent unit.  This is a huge lifesaver for me because it seems we go through batteries like water.  The child unit plugs into the wall and has a battery compartment for times when you need it when you are away from home.

Since Abigail is a preemie, she struggles to maintain her body temperature and the VTech monitor helps me make sure her room stays a good temperature by showing the temperature of the room on the parent monitor.  There is also a talk button on the parent monitor that allows you to talk to baby if they are upset or just in need of your voice.  We used this with my 2 year old to let him know that he needed to return to his bed.

Another wonderful feature is that fact that you can zoom in on baby.  It only allows you to zoom in one time but it does allow you to get a closer look if you need reassurance that your baby is resting peacefully.

The only feature that I would love to see added to this unit is the ability to pan the camera from the parent monitor.  This would be nice as Abigail grows and moves a lot in a crib.

Overall, the Safe & Sound Full Color Video and Audio Monitor from VTech is a great video monitoring system that gives any parent peace of mind that their baby is safe.  My husband and I have great peace of mind knowing that we can check on our precious baby any time.  You can purchase the entire system for $149.95.

VTech offers parents peace-of-mind and makes it easy to navigate the baby monitor world with a new line of Safe & Sound Baby Monitors. The new line ensures that parents won’t miss a gurgle or hiccup from their little one.


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Rachael received A VTech Safe & Sound Full-Color Video and Audio Monitor in return for this review and giveaway.




  1. samantha C. says:

    I have three toddlers and am expecting our 4th in a couple of weeks. This would be great when my kids are being loud so I can see the baby!

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    I would like to win because my grandson only has an audio monitor and we always wonder what he’s doing in his room and we’ll find ourselves debating whether to go in there or not when he’s upset. This way we could SEE him and whether he really needs us or not.

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    i am a worry wart when it comes to my babies and i need this for my baby-i’m due sept
    tcogbill at live dot com

    so precious

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    i get your emails
    tcogbill at live dot com

  12. Angie m says:

    I would love to win it because I have an 18 month old and I’m due with baby #2 in August. I would love to watch my babies at night or during naps.

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  16. I’d love to win for my baby on the way. Thanks for the chance.

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  26. Lori B says:

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    I would love to win this monitor because hopefully we’re going to need a 2nd monitor for a new nursery in about 7 months. :)

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  31. Kristi P says:

    Our current monitor only has picture, but not sound. We had to buy a new sound only monitor to hear. I would love to get just one video monitor that works.

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    I’m pregnant – with twins ! – this would be an amazing addition to their room !!

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    We have recently put my son into his own room and it would be great to be able to monitor him at nights without having to try and sneak into the room. Less chance of waking him.

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    I would love to win this because my youngest one is 18 months old and I have yet to get one. She is into everything and it would be nice to keep an extra close watch on her just so I could go to the bathroom!

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  148. Sarah K says:

    I would like to win b/c we are still looking for a monitor for the baby on the way. Also, I like that this one is color and can tell the temp of the room.

    skiger at gmail dot com

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    Look how tiny she is!! I hope she gets out of there super fast! I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and this would be great for when she moves out of my room!

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  219. Amber Marshall says:

    My Fisher Price Lights and Sound Monitor is dead. It’s Easter, I know, and I did try to resurrect it but failed. It was a love hate relationship anyway. The distance it offered was great, and the red light signals were helpful when I needed it quite. The relationship between my monitor and I was strained. I need more security then it was created to give. I had to contemplate every sound my baby made. There were moments of panic and I had to run to check on my baby, thankfully my little one was fine. I wanted/needed communication and visual of my sweet baby. With the lack of funds I resigned myself to being happy with my monitor. After awhile I found myself becoming comfortable with the relationship after all no monitor is perfect. So I remained committed, though I must admit to some flirting while cruising the stores baby isle. I have a large garden which I work in daily and three young children. So my monitor was being used extensively and regularly. It was recently through my lack of supervision that my Marley dog impersonator took it upon her-self to “borrow the monitor.” After three days of steady rain and much searching I discovered my monitor in a hole. I tried to recover it but to no avail. I’ve continued daily activities yet I’m very aware of the fact that part of me is missing. My anxiety level has risen along with my blood pressure. Yes, my monitor offered me little security but now I’m finding myself with zero security. This leaves me with two options, one acquire super hero hearing or find another monitor. Not knowing how to do the first I’ve opted for the latter. At the risk of my health I have searched baby monitors for hours on the computer and read hundreds of reviews. I even started to dream monitors Sony, Fisher Price, Motorola, Avent, Graco, and Safety First. After much prayer and deliberating I came to the conclusion that V-tech Safe and Sound Full Color offered it all. This cute compact monitor has all the features I desire comfort, security, distance, and visual! Now, I know it’s wrong to lust but when I mother is presented with this kind of technology and promise it’s inevitable. My only glitch is the price. So I prayed for the heavens to open up and give me a miracle either in cash or gift It was then (maybe a few hours later) I came across Daiquiris for Mom and I heard the heavenly voices sing. I was surprised and I thought maybe it’s the birds I was hearing. I’m not one for writing because I’m not very good at it. However, with no monitor and very little cash, why not try

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