Valentine’s Day Fashion: What To Wear



Valentine’s Day is right around the corner — have you figured out what you’re going to wear yet? No matter if you’re having date night with your special someone, a night out with friends, or a lazy evening home with the kids, I have tips on what to wear for this most love-infused of days:
what to wear for a valentines date

Are the reservations made and the babysitter hired? You lucky lady! For your date night out, be sure to get extra dolled up for your man. I don’t suggest going head-to-toe red and pink, but what I do suggest is wearing a simple, solid-colored sweater dress in white or grey, and dressing it up with Valentines-themed accessories. A pretty pink pashmina will look lovely draped across your shoulders — and keep you warm! A statement, rose-hued cocktail ring will look stunning against your champagne flute, and keep your legs warm with some bold, red tights. Your date will only have eyes for you in such an ensemble!

valentines girls night out

Maybe you’re more of a cynic when it comes to the holiday. For heaven’s sake, don’t hole up for the night with Ben & Jerry watching reruns of Sex and the City. Instead, get a group of girlfriends together and go out for a night of dancing. Get dolled up in a wrap dress (flattering on any figure), polka-dot tights, and some sassy red heels. Accessorize with a red circle scarf, an exotic clutch, and bright red nails. Give yourself some glam cat eyes and flushed cheeks. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a special someone!

what to wear on valentines day

Perhaps you’re avoiding an overpriced dinner/crowded movie theater and settling in for a fun family night. No need to get to glam for this, but you can still show some Valentine’s Day spirit. Wear a comfy, oversized sweater with some leggings. Look a little goofy for the kids with some heart-printed socks or a heart scarf. The dollar section at the front of Target has lots of inexpensive, yet fun, Valentines accessories. Play games with the family for your night in — the game of Life is perfect for this holiday. It’ll get you and your family reminiscing about all of life’s milestones!

I think it’s so fun to don those rose-hued glasses for one day of the year and appreciate all things love — and being wined and dined doesn’t hurt, either. I hope you all have a lovely V-Day!