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Do you want your kids to aim? Well, when I say kids, I mean boys and when I say aim….I mean into the potty. I am in the process of training my two year old son. Luckily, he has been pretty good at potty training but not at the aiming into the toilet part. I grew up in a house with mostly girls, so I never understood what all the complaining about was. Well, fast forward 15 years and I have TWO boys of my own and a husband.

Thanks to Potty Target I actually have the chance at a clean bathroom. This was a genius idea and I’m excited to share it with you. Even though it’s February, there is still time to have a clean bathroom for the 2012 year. Train up your kid’s right with these fabulous potty target designs. I have to say the reason my boy loves these so much is that the targets make it fun. These are not boring targets at all. I let my son pick out which one he wanted to put inside of the potty. He picked the sail boat and ever since it’s been smooth sailing.

I wanted to share the story of the people who started this fabulous company. This story is great because as parents we can really relate to their story.

For parents of two boys, Doug Kempel and Stacy Dragan, cleaning the bathroom was becoming overwhelming—what was so hard about hitting a large white bowl? Putting their heads together, they determined they wanted something easy to install, helpful and of course entertaining. After much experimentation, and finding the perfect waterproof adhesive, PottyTarget emerged—giving boys something to aim for! By adding these fun stickers to the toilet, they’ve discovered boys (of all ages) naturally want to hit the target. These innovative decals keep bathrooms up to 85% cleaner and last up to a year! They also serve as a great potty training tool. Most importantly, they’re a humorous addition to the bathroom that will certainly spark great conversations with your guests.

I encourage you to try out Potty Targets for yourself. This is a product I will use when it’s time to train my second boy as well.

Make sure to check out Pottytarget.com


  1. cofly says:

    everyone want kids to aim

  2. my nine and eight year old still need to work on aim. Makes me crazy

  3. Janet W. says:

    My grandson would love to have a target to aim for! What a great product!

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