PAMA Pomegranate Liquer: The Cure For The Common Cocktail


I’m notmuch of a ” drinker”  but on occasion I do enjoy a nice glass of wine or as my hubs puts it a nice tall glass of “sippity sip sip”.   Usually, I only drink when it’s a special occasion or as a way unwind with my husband but that shouldn’t stop me from trying out new options for our collection.  I was recently introduced to PAMA Pomegranate and since I love pomegranate-I was sold on the name alone.  With that in mind, I figured it would be as good as it sounds.


PAMA Pomegranate Liquer:  The Cure For The Common Cocktail

PAMA Pomegranate Liquer is a ruby-red pomefranate liquer that serves as a versatile cocktail ingredient that mixes with whiskey, rum, brandy as well as vodka, gin and tequila.  Providing a delicately balanced sweet-tart flavor, PAMA brightens cocktails and elevates them from the everyday to modern classics.  Made with all-natural California pomegranate juice, premium vodka and “a touch” of tequila, PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur is the first premium pomegranate-flavored liqueur available.

This versatile liquer can also be used in food.  The flavor of pomegranate is a wonderful addition to many types of food and PAMA Liqueur can be used to obtain that flavor. Perfect for infusing in glazes and dressing, adds flavor to fruit salads and appetizers when drizzled on top. Pama launched in early 2006 and has fast become a crowd favorite.

To help you get your Valentine’s Day or Night Started I should say.  Here are a few PAM recipes for you to enjoy.  I will be trying these out on Valentine’s Day myself and will let you know how great they turned out.

In the meantime,  have great and safe Valentine’s Day and as always drink responsibly!


PAMA “Kiss”

¾ oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
¾ oz. Citrus Vodka
1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
¾ oz. Simple Syrup

Combine all ingredients in a shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish.

Champagne Dreams

2 oz. PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
2 oz. Champagne
¼ oz. Orange Liqueur
1 oz. Fresh Orange Juice

Combine all ingredients except Champagne in a shaker. Add ice and shake vigorously. Strain into chilled glass and top with Champagne .









  1. Yum! I love this.

  2. amy v says:

    yum! i love the flavor of pomegranites and would like to try it in salad dressing! thanks for the review.

    annae07 at aol dot com

  3. I admit that I’m intrigued, and I have to say that it’s a gorgeous bottle!

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