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If you are anything like me, then you do not have time to schedule those play dates. It takes so much time to call other moms and see how old their kids are and if they have time to play. Not to mention, I work at home and I might have a flexible schedule, but it’s not that flexible. My kids do need to have socialization and play and I was excited to come across

There are a lot of reasons of why you should allow your kids to play with others kids. It helps them socially and cognitively. It helps them learn to play and how to deal with situations. Play is just fun period for moms and kids. Thankfully, Playdate Planet is that place where moms can unite with mother moms. You can network with other moms and have an easier time finding others to socialize with.

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Two moms and best friends founded this site because they know how hard it can be to balance life. These website helps you as a mom schedule playdates and keep even that part of your life organized.

I like the site a lot because it’s safe and I am not displaying my information for everyone to see. My kids are the most important things to me and I’m not comfortable with just anyone logging onto the site and seeing my information. So join in the social networking fun with other moms in your area. Pick and choose who you connect with and just enjoy your time together!

Make sure to check out to schedule your playdate today!  Also be sure to connect  with Playdate Planet on Facebook and follow Playdate Planet on Twitter!


  1. This is something I really need to try out this summer. I have ZERO mom friends in this small town and it seems like everyone already knows each other.

  2. Pretty cool resource, thanks for sharing.

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