{Fabulous Finds} A Penny For Your Thoughts


What do you do with your pocket change?  Personally, I save all of my loose coins and never thought about using them for any purpose other than spending.    The other night, I stumbled upon this penny ring and thought – oh how creative!   Who knew a penny could be so cute!  I figured there had to be more inspiring projects, so I took a peek around the web and found this collection of crafts made with pennies.  Some of these are so creative and  just makes cents!

Penny For Your Thoughts Ring


Penny For Your Thoughts Ring

A ring made from a penny-how cool!  This ring will definitely get noticed and a great conversation piece.

Stamped Penny from Heaven Necklace – The Heart

 Stamped Penny from Heaven Necklace

 I so heart this!!!!  A perfect gift for any friend or loved one!

Penny Necklace

necklace made from pennies

 Now this is unique!   This penny necklace by  Sandrisuperstar only cost 36 cents to make-talk about good value.  I don’t know if I would wear it at this size but a much smaller version, I would totally rock it!

Penny Buttons

penny buttons

I never imagined the many things you could do with a penny. I’m loving  this penny button tutorial.  I’m already thinking of other uses for a penny button!

Lucky Us Copper Keychain with two lucky pennies

Lucky Us Copper Keychain with two lucky pennies

Find a penny pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck! Lucky pennies are special so why not carry them with you each day in style.

Penny Floor

unique flooring made for pennies

I thought this was pretty cool.  An unusual idea..But what a conversation piece.  There is just something both intriguing and beautiful about this copper filled Penny Floor.  All hand laid, took over 340,000 pennies to complete.


Penny Countertop

penny countertop

And if you thought flooring wasn’t enough, Check out this awesome DIY Penny Counter Top.  Stunning, beautiful, cool!

Penny Cake

AND Last but certainly not least.  How about a penny you can eat.  Try this delicious Butter Cream Penny Cake!