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For those of you who don’t know, Dee (the lovely blogger behind Cocktails with Mom) is a huge New Orleans Saints fan! And with a winning record of 13-3, she’s got quite the team to root for. (I’m from Indianapolis, by the way, home of one of the worst NFL teams this season. But that’s beside the point.) Dee asked me to write up a post on New Orleans Saints gear. And with black and gold and fleur de lis on their side, Saints fashion is a BREES (get it?!).

I found some stylish gear that will make you a fashionable Saints fan. No more crazy looking gear like THIS! You can look classy and have spirit with the Saints gear I’m going to share with you.

new orleans saints clothes

[gold scarf] [gloves] [fleur de lis bracelet] [saint shirt] [reading sunglasses] [earrings] [skirt] [sequin shirt] [nail polish] [fleur de lis headbands]

  • For subtle team spirit that you can wear every day, get yourself a gold scarf and some gold gloves! I’m a fan of wearing two scarves together, so on game day wear both a black and a gold scarf for a little extra pep. Other gold and black things to look out for are gold and black sunglasses, gold glitter nail polish, or any type of jewelry like the gold and black earrings shown above.
  • There’s a lot of fleur de lis items out there, but I thought the gold bracelet from Etsy is so pretty! I like how it’s dainty and understated to be a classy piece of jewelry that shows your spirit. Also, how cute are the sequined fleur de lis headbands (also found on Etsy)? There’s not a a more spirited and stylish way to hold your hair back on game day.
  • If you’re looking to support your team at work before Monday Night Football, consider a gold and black skirt, like the one above from Modcloth. Pairing it with a simple black top and black tights is a good way to show subtle spirit, but I think the gold sequin shirt is a stylish and flashy way to say “Go Saints!”
  • Any type of shirt that references saints, saint bernard dogs, fleur de lis, or black and gold are good Saints gear. The “Saint” shirt above, for example, isn’t even an official New Orleans Saints shirt. It’s just a cute shirt that can be a reference to the team. It’s not your average NFL jersey shirt that’s way too big with HUGE graphics across it — it’s a feminine alternative!

What NFL team do you root for? Have you found any fashionable gear to support your team?

Author bio: Sarah Heckle is a writer from Indianapolis. She loves spending time with her husband, shopping, and working on DIY projects. You can also find her blogging at Tulle and Trinkets.


  1. I love fleur de lis…my makeup bag is a leather bag embossed with little 24k gold fleur de lis all over, from Italy.

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