Working at Home During the Holidays

Working at home is a struggle no matter what time of the year it is. I just wanted to take the time to share how crazy this week has been with working and trying to prepare for the holidays. Working from home means that everyone is trying to get everything done at once. I have to stay organized and if I don’t, then I am waiting till the last minute to get everything done. I wanted to share some things I do to stay organized while working at home during the holidays.


Enjoy these three tips for working at home during the holidays.

Make a List

Making a list is the best way to stay organized for anything. However, I strive to write a list for almost everything I do. For example, I make a list when I go to the grocery store. I make a list when I have house work to do and when I have a list of work to accomplish. Making a list is probably the ultimate way to stay organized with work and the other holiday things going on around you.

Shop Year Round

Do not wait until the last minute to do all of your Christmas shopping. It does not matter if you work at home or work outside the home, start your shopping early! I picked up one gift a week this year and by the end, I was totally prepared. Not to mention all those crazy incidents that happens really close to Christmas. Stay prepared with Nordstrom coupon codes and just about every other gift code out there. Shop online, shop clearance but most of all shop all year round.


It’s obvious that you can’t take on the whole world, so do not try to. My biggest downfall while working from home is trying to carry the whole world on my shoulders. Take on what you can and say no to the rest. Work to live but please do not live to work; especially around the holidays. Most importantly, take time off to enjoy the holiday because you will never get this time back.

Merry Christmas from this work at home mom to you! 


  1. I would die if I didn’t make lists and this is my week to relax as much as possible!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Lists seriously keep me sane.

  3. I make lists for everything. It really helps. Happy New Year!!

  4. Relax is my biggest struggle. I’m new to this SAHM gig and then jumped into being a WAHM. I have 3 girls and went back to work a year after my oldest was born and took about 5 months off for my other 2 girls. Since my hubby is active duty Navy the moves and starting my career over got OLD. I need to learn to relax. Realize that having a 3 year old at home and a 5 year old half day (only goes to kindergarten half day)plus a business can be quiet busy. All while taking care of the home. So, knowing it’s ok to relax is great. ;) Happy New Year!!!

  5. Krysta says:

    Great tips! I have a full time job and sometimes work from home, which I find difficult to do because I get distracted by “house stuff”.
    I also started a home based business within the last year that I want to focus on and am hoping to devote all my time to, so I am going to have to figure out how to stay focused! Lol

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