My Top Two Favorite Rides



Everyone wishes they could drive around a hot red Ferrari…at least I do! This crazy holiday season got me thinkin’ about some hot new wheels I would like to own.  I mean, I drive around the same old car every day and lug my kids around.  Even if I won’t be getting a new car anytime soon I can still dream, right?

2011 Dodge Vehicle of My Dreams



If you haven’t seen the 2011 Dodge Charger then you are completely missing out. I picture myself driving this down town so all my friends can see it. I’m not a flashy person but if I owned this vehicle I sure would be. The cool thing is that I was looking at the prices from a local Dodge dealer and the prices are very reasonable. I still need to talk to hubby but guess who wants this for Christmas? This girl right here!


2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee


Growing up my family always had some kind of Jeep. Of course, our Jeeps were the ones you could go mudding in. Last weekend my husband and I were looking at a local Jeep dealer and he had the most awesome Jeeps on the lot. I would say if you need a bigger vehicle, then hit up the Jeep Grand Cherokee. I am mostly in love with the interior of the vehicle because it’s just completely beautiful.

These are just two cars I would love to own and perhaps someday soon I will. It’s nice to see how far cars have come since cars were first made. I wanted to show you a picture of how different cars used to look and how they look now. Yeah, it’s simply amazing what technology is capable of.

Enjoy drooling over my favorite vehicles! I’m so curious as to what your favorite is! Please share with a comment below!




  1. Nichol says:

    I love the new Jeep they are looking good:)

  2. nice looking rides!!

  3. Kelly says:

    My dad’s had a dream since he was a young boy of owning a Jeep and just bought a new Wrangler. It’s definitely changed my impression of Jeeps in general – it’s so pretty!

  4. Audrey says:

    We were out car shopping last weekend and we found some great cars that we didn’t even really know existed. You can always take a test drive in any car you want :)

  5. Becca says:

    We went on a vacation once and rented a Jeep. It was a great car! They are soooooo pricy though!

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