Kid Friendly Holiday Crafts

At Christmas time, the kids are home from school and you need to help entertain them. Here are some simple, kid friendly crafts that you can do with your kids without a lot of time or money invested.

Cardboard Candle Sticks


A great idea for a Christmas craft is one that you serve a purpose on Christmas day. The kids can help you create these cute candles that can then be used to decorate the table. You can use a lot of materials that you have around the house so this is a great way to recycle some of the items that you have hanging around your house.

Christmas Dinner Place Markers

If you are having many people over for dinner, here is a cute idea to make name tags for everyone who is going to be coming over. Kids always want to be involved somehow and this is a great idea. Even if people end up moving their name tags around to a different spot, the kids can feel great about creating something so cute and your guests likely will exclaim and want to take these home.

Wrapping Paper Chains And Baubles

When you are decorating the Christmas tree, the kids may want to help decorate it with homemade crafts. But in order to keep your tree from looking like a hodge podge, you may want to have them help make some Christmas tree balls. All you need is some wrapping paper in colours that match your tree decorations and you are ready to get started.

Coffee Filter Angel

Chances are someone in your household drinks coffee and that you have paper filters hanging around the house. You can make a pretty angel by using some of these filters and making an angel with them. Add embellishments to give her more character and personality.

Pincone Trees

Depending on where you live, if you go outside and go for a walk, you will find pinecones just lying around. If you have any craft supplies lying around, you can pull those out, decorate the pinecones and you have little mini Christmas trees that the kids can keep in their rooms or hang them on the tree.


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    Very cute ideas!

  2. Very cute ideas to keep the kids busy.

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