Cabby the Puppet-from Puppet Heap Playthings




Puppets are for babies, right? I beg to differ! My family got the chance to try out a puppet from Puppet Heap Playthings and we were simply thrilled. The puppet we were able to try goes by the name of “Cabby.” You can see from the video that Cabby is not your normal puppet. He is more interesting and a lot more fun.

As soon as my son saw him….he ran off with him to play. Cabby’s facial features made my son think he was life like. Cabby had a big day his first day in our house. He played with my son and even ate lunch with us. Cabby went to bed with my son that night and he’s still his best friend.

Cabby isn’t the only one available through Puppet Heap Playthings. There are a variety of characters to choose from with Puppet Heap. Here is a unique quote from their site that pretty much sums up their goal:

Every great story needs great characters, and that’s exactly what we provide. The Puppet Heap Workshop is a wholly unique character design studio that not only creates amazing puppetry, but brings to life dynamic, engaging personalities who truly connect to their audiences.

By bringing design, fabrication, and production under one roof we are able to foster a singularly creative environment which puts all the talents of our highly skilled team of designers, artists and performers to the task of crafting what is to become a complete, iconic individual.

At Puppet Heap, we don’t just provide the talent….we build it!


I can vouch that these puppets are unique and a GREAT toy for any child this Christmas season. Finally, someone has invented a puppet that captures my child’s attention. Cabby is an excellent addition to our family and I cant wait to add more little guys from the Puppet Heap collection.

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What Puppet Heap Plaything would you choose?


  1. that is a really interesting looking puppet

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