Huggies, Wal-Mart & You Partner Together


Thanksgiving has passed us by but we should still take the time to remain thankful. Christmas is in a few weeks and I think it’s a great time to help those who are in need. Many of us still have children in diapers. Many of us also know a military family who might have a loved one serving right now. The next couple of weeks are a great way to help military families who are in need.

Huggies has released a really neat version of their diaper. It’s called a Camo diaper and the limited edition diapers are designed to also fund Operation Homefront. You may be wondering how you can help.

  1. Visit the Huggies Camo website and take a look around the website.
  2. Create a Camo Card: For every Camo Card created, Huggies will donate a diaper to a military family. Each submission also goes towards our ultimate goal of 500,000 diapers donated! (The Camo Card helps show your thankfulness to those who have served.)
  3. Purchase Huggies® Limited Edition Cam0 Diapers-For every purchase, Huggies will donate to Operation Homefront, which provides emergency assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors.

Remember that Huggies and Wal-Mart are partnering with you to help deliver the best to our military families. After all, if it were not for their sacrifices…where would we be today?

These Huggies Camo Diapers are limited edition so make sure to get yours ASAP! I’ll be purchasing mine soon and I will be sure to put up a picture.

Huggies Camo Diapers will only be at Walmart for a limited time so act quickly and help us spread the word to support military families today!





  1. This is really a fantastic program! I tweeted out your post!

    • Dee says:

      Thanks for the tweet. It is such a great campaign!

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