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How many times have you tried to coordinate an event? With those events come different sign-ups. Sign up someone to bring potato chips. Sign up someone to bring drinks. Too many times those items are forgotten. FINALLY! Someone got the hint and decided to do something about it. Coordinating an event has never been easier.

This tool is ideal for anyone like teachers, coaches or moms who are planning an event. The field trip can be taken care of and so can that birthday party!  As you can see…you just go to and start the sign up process.

Go to create a sign up and begin signing up for this awesome tool. The lady in the video explains more about the sign up process.

After you sign up you can start using the tool to its fullest advantage. Create a sign up for your event.

  1. Pick a theme.
  2. Enter the items people are supposed to sign up for. Example: Pop, napkin, etc.
  3. Invite and publish your sign-up sheet/event.

An email will be sent to everyone you invited. This tool sends reminders to the people you invited. This is a stress free way to organize your event and get your party attendees organized. Just think, if you have a birthday party and you know what your child wants. You can create a mini wish list. People can sign up for what they are going to bring and you have solved the issues of double gifts.

This tool truly is a sign up genius!

Planning Resources

If you are a teacher or a mom just looking for some even planning materials, check out the “planning resources” section on Signup Genius. Happy Planning.


My Thoughts:

Sign Up Genius is a great organization tool for events or parties. It’s actually quite simple and does not take a lot of brain work to figure out. This is a great feature because when I have a party to plan the last thing I want to add is chaos to the mix. Surprisingly enough, this website is exactly what it claims to be. An easy to organize a party list and get a list distributed. Everything is going online now. Most people are carrying smart phones and this Sign Up list will go right to their smart phone email box.

* thanked me with a gift card for reviewing their site. The gift card was not dependent on a positive or negative review of the site, but was compensation for helping to spread the word.

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