Last-Minute Halloween Costumes




When it comes to Halloween, there are a few types of people. First is the person who just LOVES the holiday. They start planning their DIY costume on November 1 for next year’s trick-or-treating. Then there’s the person who enjoys the holiday. Around September, they might start perusing the Internet or costume shops for an easy, no-hassle, just-buy-it-and-wear-it costume.

Then there are people like me: I don’t really plan ahead for Halloween. The day before, I look in my closet and try to pick something out that I can easily make into a Halloween costume. I’ve come up with some pretty good costumes. Here are 3 last-minute costumes you can find in your closet:

1. Prom Queen

prom queen costume

Think you’ll never wear that hot pink taffeta bridesmaid dress again? Wrong! Get some use out of it by being a prom queen for Halloween. All you need is a formal dress and shoes. Make yourself a sash with some spare fabric, and if you’re feeling really ambitious, go to a dollar store and pick up a tiara. For a fun variation, be a zombie prom queen with some grotesque makeup.

2. Farmer

farmer costume

Everyone has some denim they can don to be a farmer for Halloween. Most farmers wear t-shirts or flannel, and chances are you have one of those options hanging in your closet, too. Part your hair into some pigtail braids, grab a basket, and put on those boots — voila!

3. The Office Character

The Office Halloween costume

This one’s so easy you’re practically cheating Halloween. If you have any office wear, choose your favorite character from The Office and, well, be them! Are you a Pam? Curl your hair and wear some basic office attire (or be pregnant Pam and stuff your belly with a pillow!). Do you think Angela is awesomely ridiculous? French braid your hair and wear your stuffiest outfit (argyle is always good for Angela).

What kind of Halloween person are you? Are you on-the-ball? Or do you scramble at the last minute to find a costume?

Author bio: Sarah Beckman is an editor at Affordable Style. She blogs about choosing the perfect pair of reading glasses and eye health.


  1. Great ideas!

  2. Fun ideas! I could maybe pull off the farmer lol.

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