Destress by Sending Yourself Flowers




Ah, flowers.  They’re colorful, smell pretty, and no matter who receives them for what reason, they just can’t help but make you happy.  At the office, the hubbub of everyone asking what makes you so special makes you feel, well, special. So, just do it: Send yourself flowers.  It will destress you beyond belief.

 We recommend using a flowers delivery service for the ultimate discretion.   Call from a cell phone, on your lunch break, even.  Make sure you write yourself a sexy note.  Single girls, “Thanks for such a great date.  You’re so special,” should suffice.  Married?  Really make the office envious with a, “To my beautiful wife, Just because you light up my world.”  The point is to make your note to yourself something you want to hear, even if it’s not being said.  You know it’s true that you’re pretty amazing.

Bouquet delivery is a little different than just flowers since the arrangements are more complex.  If you’re feeling down, or very stressed, there is nothing more intriguing than a big vase of flowers walking right up to your desk.  For a bouquet, different flowers mean different things.  This is your chance to have a bouquet arranged for you that screams I’m amazing.  After all, it’s true: You’re amazing.  So, what do you need to tell yourself about how amazing you are?

Of all the flowers, roses have to be the most classic.  Red roses mean love.  Do you just want to love yourself today?  Now that they can be dyed to any color, you don’t need to limit yourself to red.  However, why not go for a dozen red roses?  Yup, just send yourself the biggest bouquet of bright red roses you can find.  The smell, the color, the office in a tizzy over you … aren’t all your cares lifting away already?  Go ahead, amazing you, destress by sending yourself flowers.


  1. What a great idea!

  2. Lindsay says:

    You’re totally right. I should definitely send myself some flowers on those days when I feel like garbage. Flowers can seriously brighten up your day, even if they do come from you!

  3. I don’t know that I could ever send myself flowers, but I do enjoy spending money on myself, haha.

  4. Great post! No matter how many times I tell my husband that I love flowers, he never gets me any LOL!! :) I need to just buy myself a bouquet :)

  5. I’ve never sent myself flowers (cuz I’m cheap) but I have totally bought myself flowers and it totally makes me happy.

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