Today Is National Relaxation Day!



So much has been going on today, I almost forgot about it being National Relaxation Day.  That just tells me that I need to slow it down a bit.  Everyone needs a break sometimes, including me.

 In honor of National Relaxation Day, this is how I will be spending the rest of my day.

I plan on:

Curling up in my favorite pair of pajamas with a good

Take a quick nap

Spend the evening watching movies with the boys,

AND when nighttime comes, Light a scented candle and take a nice long bubble bath and listen to some of my favorite tunes.

Stress can have a bearing on both our physical and mentally health so I ask that you along with me take some time to sit back and relax.  I named a few things that I will be doing on this so but no matter what you choose to do, just remember to take it easy, even if only for a few minutes.

Enjoy National Relaxation Day and Take Care of YOU!


  1. Christina @RantRaveRoll says:

    I wish I know about this one earlier today. Maybe I celebrate tomorrow.


  2. Boy, would I ever like to celebrate this!

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