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Are you familiar with video screen capture?  Does screen capture software ring a bell?  Well, if you go from feeding babies to business suits, the Adobe Capture Software is worth your consideration.  Adobe has managed to wrap a few really incredible features into a software package that can help you excel.  The concepts are fairly straight forward, even if the software is genius.

Centered on the concept known as eLearning, Adobe Capture allows you to upload a Power Point presentation to create a viable learning tool. You can develop your thoughts into presentations that really impress.  If you are already using the software, you might consider taking it a step further. Have you thought of homeschooling?  The Capture software would allow you to create practical learning applications for your kids.  You have the ability to turn, say, foreign language skills into an elearning presentation you can share with other moms.

The second piece of the software allows you to provide a web meeting solution. Are you familiar with web meetings?  In most instances, they allow you to work from the convenience of your home or office. Let’s say you just developed an elearning campaign to teach your colleagues how to use Twitter.  The web meeting solution allows you to broadcast those results out. Failing that, you can host a telephone conference while you share screens with this innovative solution.  Not that could be particularly awesome if you need to head home early from work because of a sick child, couldn’t it?


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