Zonar Systems: Three Ways to Keep Track



In today’s fast pace world, you may be feeling a desire to keep track.  Track of your vehicle maintenance, track of your to do list, and, dare we say it, track of your kid.  Yup, student tracking software is just one more development to keep our kids safe.  Zonar Systems makes it easy.  Here are three ways to keep track:

  1. Student Tracking Software makes it possible for you to know when your student got on and off the bus.  An easy to use monitor lets your kid be unobtrusively monitored as they board and exit the bus.  Using an easy Zpass system, the student tracking software eliminates the need for parent to call the school (which accounts for the majority of phone calls a school office receives.)
  2. School Bus GPS tracking is similar, except it stays with the bus instead of the student.  With a GPS system as part of the bus, you can keep track of where the bus is. Schools appreciate the ability to monitor where a driver is in their route.
  3. Need easier vehicle maintenance?  What if an electronic vehicle inspection report could take the guessing out of repair work? EVIR allows you to place  throughout the car.  The transmitters track the degradation of the components of the vehicle.  It’s that easy to have vehicle maintenance captured for you.

If you’re like millions of Americans, your life means you’re constantly running. You can rely on these three ways to keep track of all your maintenance and vehicle needs.  Keep up with your student’s bus schedule or track your vehicles maintenance.  It’s all possible with Zonar Systems ingenious technologies.


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