You Know It’s Friday When



Today is Friday …. The day most of us to look  forward to.  For some reason by the time Friday rolls around, I find stress making me do strange things, which is why I look forward to the weekend for relaxaton and rejuvenation.   If you’re anything like me, here’s a few funnies to to get your weekend started and I hope you find the laughter in your life.

 You know its Friday when everyone calls in sick, and you are the only one that shows up to work.

You know its Friday when no matter what it is, it can wait until Monday.

You know its Friday when youve been paid and theres money in what is an otherwise overdrawn bank account.

You know its Friday when when you look at the calender and it says ‘Friday’.

You know its Friday when you see signs like this posted around town:

 You know its Friday when …you’re wearing the same pants you already wore earlier this week.

You know it’s Friday when the song “Weekend” is stuck in your head just before five o’clock.

You know its Friday when despite everything, you’re happy! Love the feeling of a Friday!

You know it’s Friday when you keep asking co-workers what time it is and you’re wearing a watch.

You know it’s Friday when all you can think about are the wine glasses lined up in your cabinet.

You know it’s Friday when you put together a post of  ridiculous ways to remind you its FRIDAY!


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    U always make me SMILE!

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