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Anybody that has been married knows marriage is hard.  It is a lot of work and takes tons of patience and understanding.  I am divorced, so my experience with marriage is not as positive as someone in a happy, healthy marriage. You know how there are some arguments that keep coming back time and time again and there is never a solution.  What if you had people listen to the disagreement and tell you who they think is right.  Sounds like a kind of mediation, doesn’t it?  Well, what if this mediation came with a trip and possibly $25,000.00?
This kind of marriage intervention happens on the show “Marriage Ref”.  Have you ever seen it? It is on Sunday nights and it is a show about couples who have an ongoing disagreement.  Each show there are three different celebrities that hear about the differences, give their advice and vote on who they think is right. The host serves as the “ref”. I wouldn’t want to go on there.  You are letting three people decide on the answer to your argument and they have just met you.

 Wait a minute, you kind of do that in court, don’t you?  I don’t think that has ever been brought up to the couples, but they might want to think about that with their next argument.  Although, a former guest blames his divorce on the show.  It seems that the five minutes they were on the show went to his wife’s head and she left him in search for an acting career.  In my opinion, that marriage wouldn’t have lasted anyway.  He is blaming the show, but if that’s all it took for her to leave,she probably had one foot out the door anyway.  There were already money problems and they went on the show to advertise their business so I don’t really think the show should take all the blame.

 The couples on the show aren’t in really big arguments.  They are in “disagreements.”  Anyone who has been married knows there is a difference between arguments and disagreements.  These couples go on the show and don’t even really look mad at each other.  They are holding hands, laughing at each other and the situation, and don’t seem to have any steam whatsoever coming from the top of their heads.
And, unlike marriage counseling or therapy, they aren’t sent home with homework or something unpleasant to work on, they are sent on a trip.  I think these couples make up something and try to have the best disagreement. On last night’s episode, one disagreement was about the size of their bed.  The husband is big cuddler and only wants a twin size bed.  Another was about an OCD husband who put up signs everywhere with instructions. Besides the trip, if they are found the most right they also get $25,000.00.  In a lot of marriages, the money alone would bring about peace, for a little while anyway.
If only marriage were that easy.  Taking a trip after every fight might keep some marriages together.  What is funny about this show is that it is produced and co-created by Jerry Seinfeld so it is meant to be humorous.  The celebrities are very entertaining in their advice.  Last night, Denise Richards was one of the celebrities and after being married to Charlie Sheen the couples’ problems were probably not a big deal to her at all.  A lot of times, the celebrities giving advice have never been married.  That’s not quite fair is it?
If you haven’t seen it, it is a fun show.  But, I am waiting for a real argument.  Not something little that doesn’t matter, but a genuine problem.  The show might not want to risk that though.  One of them might not make it back from their trip!  

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  1. Jackie says:

    I watched The Marriage Ref for the first time this Sunday. I loved the couple with the twin bed issue.

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