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There is nothing more frustrating than the limitations of generic mail servers.  You’ve completed an awesome web site design.  You’re finally ready to send it to your waiting client but, bam!, it’s too big to send.  Other times, you can’t compress files to fit the limitations.  Working in the creative industry, you have to get creative.  You can send big files with Acrobat in a few quick easy steps.

 The link above will take you through the quick easy process to send big files.  Just click, and you’re off.  The program works great for graphic designers, writers and marketing mavens that need flexibility with big files. At times you might have the draft of a retired website to show your copy writer.  If you can’t send the big files, you can email big files with the Acrobat application. 

 If you work in a realm that requires you to send big files, you’ll want to consider using Acrobat SendNow.    It makes life so much easier to email big files.  You don’t need to consider if the documents will get to your client: Acrobat basically takes the guess work out of file size. So, whether you’re a graphic designer or creative professional, try the program out.  Create a shortcut to your desk top.  You know you’ll use it every day: It’s that awesome.

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  1. Wow! I never knew that such a program existed. I have often been shut down when trying to send a large file attachment and it stinks having to try and break it down into smaller files. This is great information!

  2. This would be perfect to send files to my Mother In Law. She doesn’t have the fastest computer and isn’t that savvy, so I can see this making it all easier for her (& me!)

  3. Karen says:

    I am so glad to hear about this. I get so frustrated when trying to send picture files with my gmail account. There are a lot of times when they just won;t go.

  4. Beth says:

    This would be so helpful for my homework. Sometimes the files get to be huge and I have to run around looking for a flash drive that never gets up away! =P

  5. CanCan says:

    That would be great for video files!

  6. Maria says:

    I’ve never heard of something like this, but I can tell you I’ve wished for it many times when trying to send an image or something similar to a classmate while working on a project. Thanks for sharing!

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