Party Punch!


I recently went to my cousin’s baby shower, and my job was to bring the punch. Well, luckily I recently went to another baby shower just a couple of months prior at a hotel where the catering staff made the punch. It was delicious so I asked how they put it together. I was an instant hit at the family party with this punch! I suggest it for any party, whether it is for a cookout, graduation party, baby shower or bridal show. Give this simple recipe a try!

party punch


1 bottle of cranberry juice cocktail (don’t get the 100% juice on this one, it will be too bitter)
2 bottles of Sprite
1 orange
1 bag of ice  


Punch bowl
Serving ladle


Combine cranberry juice and Sprite into large punch bowl with ice. Make sure to mix well with serving ladle. Once everything is mixed, slice orange into thin slices place the orange circles on top of the ice to give the look of orange slices floating. Then ready to set out for the guests! Remember to try this recipe with replacing the orange and ice with sherbet. Both are tasty drinks!   

Author Bio:
Kristine Esser is very much in love with all things art, and is mildly obsessed with movies. When she is not watching every movie she can get her hands on she is constantly baking, walking her dog, and writing about scarves for her day job.


  1. Samantha K @ says:

    This looks very good, especially with the oranges. Great for baby showers.

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