Is the Gerber College Plan Right for Your Budget?

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When you first hear of the name “Gerber”, most of you probably do not equate the name with a savings plan or college fund for your kids.  For most,  your first thoughts are probably the image the cute little baby’s face that you would find on baby food jars and snacks.  But there is more to Gerber than just food and clothes.

When my husband and I first decided to have kids years ago, we had it in our minds that college would not be an option but a given for our kids.  Like most parents we want them to have the best possible chance in life and that sometimes involves a great educational plan.

For starters, the Gerber Life College Plan  may be something worth looking into when it comes to saving for college.   I’ve heard of the Plan before but like many hadn’t paid too much attention to it…until now.   Sometimes when you are put into certain situations or when things do not go as according to plan, you start to look into different options.    As in our case, a college savings plan is quite possibly our next move and something we will definitely be looking into more.

In an economy where job security is no longer a guarantee, it is a good time to start thinking about your child’s future and the sooner you can do so the better.   Reality is….this is not an option at this time for most families.  The good news however is that it is good to know your options and the Gerber Life College Plan may be a great place to start.  Be sure to read all about their affordable saving s for college and all the different plans and options they have to offer.  Be sure to do yor research and find out what works best for you.

For many families, the Gerber Life College Plan can help make college a reality for their kids.

The Plan offers:

•Guaranteed growth—no variable interest rates or stock market fluctuations

•Life Insurance protection—to guarantee full benefit payment – no matter what happens

•Flexibility—to use the money for anything, if your child decides not to go to college

•Fixed monthly premium payments that never increase—choose an amount that fits your budget!

My kids still have some years before they are off to college but I will be looking further into this for sure. With no certainty of what avenue we are going to take to begin saving money for their future, I’m glad to know that the Gerber Life College Plan is certainly an option on our short list of possible options!


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