Fun and Healthy Kid Kabobs


Kids spend a considerable amount of time eating and snacking – all day – everyday.  Sometimes as moms, we have to think outside of the box and offer them something fun and appealing.   When it comes to feeding my kids I have three priorities:  Meals and snacks that are healthy, easy to make and fun to eat.


Kabobs are a great alternative to the boring – non appealing snacks we tend to give kids day to day.  Not only are they perfect for a cool summer snack, they’re a quick easy recipe for moms when standing over a hot stove is not an option.

Once you decide which kabob you want to make gather all of your ingredients, a wooden skewer and knife for cutting.  I made 3 different variations for my kiddos to try:  Fruit Kabob, Veggie Kabob, and a Lunch Kabob.

Here’s what you’ll do in 3 easy steps:

  1. Cut your ingredients into bite-size pieces
  2. Carefully slide your items onto the stick
  3. Alternate between ingredients until kabob

For younger kids and toddlers I would suggest mini kabobs using toothpicks or cut-down skewers.  For extra safety you may even try popsicle-style sticks with no points or the little lollipop type sticks you can find in the candy making isle at a craft store.   My boys are growing kids with hefty appetites so the regular sized skewers worked out perfectly for them.

I chose the three variations above but you can basically use anything that will go on a stick.

Tip:   Make sure to leave some room at either end of the stick so the kabob will be able to be held.

Kabobs are a fun and easy snack or dinner option for kids and adults too.   The options to create a great kabob are endless.  Just use some imagination and enjoy!

 Do you have any fun recipes for kabobs?


  1. yum! wonder if we have enough fruit on hand to do this for our afternoon snack

  2. Kelly says:

    This is such a fun way to present food for kids!

  3. Brandy says:

    My four year old would LOVE doing this, he is a fruit-aholic! thanks for sharing!

  4. Lindsay says:

    We did these for my daughter’s 4th birthday and they were a big hit. Super tasty and easy!

  5. Nichol says:

    My kids love kebobs! They are fun when they are on a stick:)

  6. Joanna says:

    Making food like this is awesome to get my toddler to eat better!

  7. Samantha K @ says:

    I love this idea. Not only is it a unique treat for them but they can help make them up for parties. My five year old would absolutely love this. Very creative idea.

  8. Sandra says:

    Colorful, natural, chemicals free. Perfect for our kids! Stumbling this I Must!

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