Fotobounce Review: Photo Organizing with Face Detection


Picture taking is one of those things we moms love to do.  Dad’s too… but the moms can be sort of notorious when it comes to pictures taking of their kids.  Heck it’s never a dull moment with kids and we want to capture every silly and precious moment.  Who would blame you!  Picture taking is a great way to preserve memories.

I take my share of pictures and I have them on several devices.  Lets see.  My computer, my phone, Flickr, and someplace else I probably can’t recall at the moment.   Pictures are just everywhere which I don’t particularly like.  Having a private, safe and easy way to store and share your photos would be ideal.  For you moms who are looking for the same you might want to check out Fotobounce.

Fotobounce offers a solution for those who are looking for practical ways to better manage digital photo albums.   It gives us the opportunity to share photos with family and friends in a safe and secure manner.  I, for one, have a BIG concern about putting photos onto public sites.. so with a safe, secure and private alternative, I’m already liking Fotobounce.

One of the key features of Fotobounce is its “face recognition technology” that automatically detects faces when photos are found or imported.    Once faces are detected by Fotobounce and tagged by the user, this “trains” Fotobounce to learn who people are and helps automate the tagging process.   I think that is the coolest thing.  Even better, all of the face recognition data remains local to your computer, not like the features offered by major social networking sites where they store and use your face data on their public servers.

I’ve found the program to be fairly easy to use in helping me organize my photos.  A few days of playing around with the software have been quite interesting. Once you download the program and have it running on your computer, you can link your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts so that you have access to photos on those sites.   As a blogger the ability for Fotobounce to be compatible with Facebook, Flickr and Twitter is very important.  It helps make the process so much easier and provides almost effortless sharing.

I am still learning the software and enjoying all the features it has to offer.  If you’d like to try it for yourself check out the ways below you can learn more about Fotobounce and start sharing NOW!


Check out Fotobounce on Facebook where you can also download the app      

To find out more information or to download a FREE copy, please visit:  There is also an AD free version for 49.99

Join Fotobounce on Twitter here 


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