All-Natural Ways to Fight Bad Breath



natural ways to fight bad breath 

Also known as halitosis, bad breath can lead to uncomfortable situations. There are many products out there that target getting rid of bad breath, but there are also many ways to fight it naturally.

Daily Dental Routines

A solid daily dental routine will help you take control of bad breath better than anything else, because bad breath is partly caused by bacteria that build up in our mouths. This naturally-occurring bacteria uses leftover food particles to form the yellowish, sticky substance on our teeth known as plaque. If not brushed away, it can also lead to bad breath.

There are products that you probably have in your home that you can use regularly to both fight bad breath and whiten teeth. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a small amount of water until it becomes a paste, and use it in place of toothpaste to brush your teeth. Vinegar can also be used in conjunction with baking soda as a paste, or you can swish it around your mouth as a mouthwash to help kill harmful bacteria.

Smart Eating Habits

Strong eating habits not only improve the quality of your breath, they also can keep your teeth healthy and whiten your smile. A diet rich in Vitamin C helps prevent gum disease and gingivitis, and foods like berries, melons and citrus fruits instead of supplements are best. Also, crunchy foods like apples, carrots and celery clean teeth and gums naturally. Avoid sugary foods that stick to your teeth, as well as onions and garlic – these continue to cause bad breath while they’re digesting.

Go Herbal

Herbs are simple to grow and maintain, and they help fight bad breath with regular use. Choose from cardamom, coriander, eucalyptus and spearmint, and chew on them after meals or throughout the day to freshen your breath. Another option is to soak these herbs in hot water to make herbal tea to both aid digestion and freshen breath.

Rinse and Repeat

Although brushing after every meal is ideal, it’s not realistic. One way to keep your mouth fresh is to rinse well with water after meals, then drinking water consistently throughout the day. This will keep food particles from sticking around, and will naturally help you fight bad breath.

Bad breath can make for some embarrassing situations. Keep your breath healthy and fresh using these all-natural remedies.


Kelly Wilson is a busy mom and freelance writer who keeps her breath fresh and clean. For more information about keeping your whole mouth healthy, check out Dr. Todd Beck, a Dentist in Portland, Oregon.


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