Working at Home: Tips, Tricks and Resources


Working at home is an ideal choice because it allows you to get up and go to work in your pajamas while also providing the opportunity to spend more time with your family. Working from home isn’t as difficult as it may seem, but it’s important to watch out for scams that offer false opportunities to work from home. For example, you may have already received spam e-mails with subjects such as “Mom Works From Home For $500/day!” Or, you may have also seen ads on the side of the websites you visit that stress the same thing. More often than not, these kind of advertisements are illegitimate because they usually ask you to pay a certain amount in order to work. This is a huge red flag. You should never have to pay to work for someone, so be on the lookout for scams such as these.

Although there are many scams out there, there is still a good amount of legitimate resources available that enable you to work from home. One of the best examples is Work at Home Moms at The website offers several job opportunities posted on a daily basis that gives moms with all different kinds of talents and skills a well-fitted job. These jobs are ideal for moms because most of the jobs allow moms to work at their own pace—a valuable commodity when the house is always hectic with young children around. More importantly, they provide the opportunity for moms to earn some extra money on the side for unexpected expenses that often come with raising children.

There are plenty of ways for anyone to generate creative income through many different kinds of talents. For example, moms with writing talent or helpful knowledge on a particular subject (such as parenting) can start a blog and establish a list of loyal followers. Many bloggers get paid to blog once they establish themselves. Talented writers can also try out freelance writing through resources on or various freelance writing websites. Another creative way to generate income while working at home is by using the website to sell personally handmade crafts and art pieces to make money. This can be in the form of fashion designs, accessories, paintings and other forms of creative art pieces that are completely original. Many buyers on Etsy value this kind of creative work and may even pay more than you expected for it.

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t have your own professional office. Establish a home office in your house that can be anywhere from the computer room to the desk in your bedroom. Having an established work area will allow you to maintain organization and have a sense of discipline when working. This is especially important if you’re used to an established work environment in which you have to dress professionally and work in a strict office environment. Part of the benefits of working from home is maintaining a higher level of comfort, however, it’s important not to let yourself get too comfortable since this isn’t always the best atmosphere for work. Establishing a home office area for working in addition to setting a work schedule each week will help you stay dedicated while you work at home.

Finally, working at home is an incredible opportunity for many people that is made possible by the advanced technology we have available. For mothers or those who are dedicated to a continuous presence in the home while raising a family, the opportunity to work at home is especially useful because it allows you to watch your children grow up and be there for them when they need it most.

Diane Johnson graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in political science. When she’s not traveling she enjoys writing articles about online education, reading books and shopping.

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